Understanding the role of a GP in Australia

A GP is a general practitioner, otherwise known as a family doctor. They are who you go to when you first have health problems. They will diagnose and treat you if they can or refer you to a specialist if you need one. A person can be with the same GP their whole life. A lot of Melbourne GP jobs are filled by trained professionals in Australia but there are also some who come in from abroad. GPs are trained in general practice, they have a broad array of skills and knowledge and will make sure you get the care best suited for your needs. It is important to note that in Australia you cannot get a rebate from Medicare when you see a specialist if you have not been referred to them by a GP in the last year or from another specialist in the last 3 months. It is your GP who will coordinate your treatment and care.

What can your GP do for you?

GPs need to complete three stages of education to qualify. First a basic medical degree, then they must do an internship and then they must do further medical training in general practice itself. They are then able to care for everyone from newborns up to seniors. GPs work in a number of locations, not just GP practices. Some work in hospitals, some in care facilities. Nowadays home visits happen less often but are still possible, and a lot are offering care over the internet and phone. If you are considering applying for Melbourne GP jobs some things you might do, day to day include;

  • Writing prescriptions
  • Treating illnesses and minor injuries
  • Offering health advice
  • Caring for pregnant women
  • Vaccinations
  • Helping patients with mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression
  • Helping patients with chronic conditions
  • Caring for babies and children
  • Health screening such as blood pressure or cervical screening
  • Providing medical certifications and reports

Finding a GP

It is great to find a GP that you can stay with long-term since they know your medical history, you will feel more comfortable talking to them about things and you can be more honest with them. Talk to people you know, talk to other health professionals, check in with the local community, look online using services like Service Finder. If you do not like a GP you do not have to stay with them. You can visit several and choose which feels like the right fit.

What to think about when looking for a GP

When Melbourne GP jobs are filled and you are choosing a GP think about the following;

  • Languages they can speak
  • Do they come with recommendations?
  • Do you have a gender preference?
  • Do they listen well?
  • Is it easy to make an appointment?
  • Does it have accreditations?
  • Is it easy to get to?
  • Its opening hours
  • Do you have to pay fees or do they bulk bill?
  • Will they also treat your children?