Understanding the Rabies Titre Test for Pets

There is a long list of things to think about and plan for when preparing for international travels with your pet. Some of these things include laid-down regulations in the country’s destination, microchipping, as well as medical and veterinary requirements.

In many countries, pets are required to undergo neutralising antibody titre (RNAT) test, also known as a rabies blood test. This test is a crucial step when relocating your pet abroad and it must be undergone following due process, and at an authorized laboratory. If not, many rabies-free countries won’t allow your pet to enter the country, even if they are vaccinated.

Understanding the Rabies Blood Tests for Pets

A rabies titre test is carried out as further proof that your pet has been vaccinated and immunized against rabies. It is used to check for the antibody responsible for neutralizing rabies in the blood of your pet.

When there are sufficient amounts of the antibody, it shows that the vaccine was effective and the pet is immune to rabies.

The rabies blood test for pets is carried out 30 days after the rabies vaccine has been administered so that the antibodies would have formed completely.

Your vet will send the blood drawn from your pet to an authorized laboratory to test for the level of antibodies in the blood. The laboratory will carry out the test and determine the rabies-neutralizing titre value in your pet’s blood.

Many countries need to see a range of 0.5 IU/ml or more as proof of adequate immunization against rabies. In the case where your pet fails the test, it’ll need to be given a booster vaccine and another sample will be collected for a second test in 14 to 28 days.

Ensure that your pet is microchipped before vaccinating them against rabies and carrying out the rabies blood tests for pets.

Importance of the rabies titre test for pet travel

The first importance is to prove that your pet is immune to rabies when travelling from a rabies-prevalent country to a rabies-free one.

The test is done to keep local animals in the country you’re visiting from rabies and is very necessary especially as several countries have reduced or removed quarantine requirements for pets with rabies titre test results that meet the standard.

What country requires my pet to have a rabies titre test?

Several countries that require Rabies Blood Tests for Pets include Australia, Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand. It is important to note that your pet only needs to carry out the blood titre test once if it is travelling to EU countries, and the results will be valid for a lifetime, provided the rabies vaccinations are current.

However, it isn’t the same with other countries, so you need to confirm. For instance, in Australia, the titre results will expire after a period and will need to be carried out again.

If you’re looking to carry out this test, Ferndale Kennels and Cattery can arrange this blood test for you. They will collect the blood from your pet, collect the serum sample and send it to an approved laboratory overseas. Ferndale often works with laboratories in the United Kingdom that follow the approved international standards of testing.