Top Style Ideas To Make Your Home Ceiling Unique

Ceilings are often seen as a boring flat surface of a home’s interior. Despite being one of the most functional parts of the house, holding key fixtures like lighting or fans, aiding in acoustics, or serving as protection from harmful elements above, the “fifth wall” is usually overlooked and remains as dull as ever. Luckily, there are various ways you can bring life to this blank canvass and make it distinctly beautiful such as by adding metal wind spinners.

Here are the top styling and ceiling ideas to make your home ceilings unique.

1. Add plants.

To achieve a bright and fresh ambiance, try adding suspended plants from your ceiling. Choose ones with running fronds, such as Boston Fern, Burro’s Tail, Maidenhair Fern, and String of Nickels. You can use frames, beams, and hanging boxes to make creative patterns. Having these greeneries will not only give your ceiling a refreshing look, but the feel will transcend and complete into your entire room.

2. Use wooden ornaments.

Wood is a go-to material for both builders and designers. No surprise, as wood is durable, aesthetically adaptable, easily crafted, and affordable. As such, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using wood for your ceiling, too! You can get various wooden house ornaments, such as planks, panels, or beams, to bring a cozy, warm, and sophisticated vibe to space. Don’t worry, as wood is suitable for both traditional and modernist themes. You can definitely adjust them to fit your ceiling and align with your home’s overall decorative pattern.

3. Go for a high-contrast look.

Contrast brings magic to a room by creating a memorable impact. Often, it is the key solution for spaces that fall flat. While it is most commonly used on walls, high-contrast designs are now becoming a hit when it comes to ceiling designs. If you have a minimalist wall or subtly colored wall, you can opt for a vibrant shade on your ceiling to get that contrast. It brings a flaring appeal to your ceiling, though it may seem unconventional, but it will actually pull things together and be the center of the attention.

4. Opt for floral designs.

Like plants, floral designs add freshness to your ceiling. What makes it better is that they come in an array of colors and shapes, giving your space a pleasant, pretty, and dreamy vibe. So, if you love flowers, you can definitely inject floral elements in various ways. You can use botanical-themed light fixtures, ornaments, or wallpapers. Just ensure to pick the right tone and match it with your walls for a coherent look.

5. Make your ceiling classy with sculpted moldings.

Sculpted molding has been used as ceiling decorations for centuries! Ceilings on French palaces are exquisite examples of such stunning moldings. If you want to give your ceiling an impressive look matched by a refined and chic appeal, sculpted moldings will be perfect for you. However, if you’re in for a retro, vintage, or modern vibe, fret no more as there are also contemporary moldings now available to fit any home style.

6. Follow the room’s theme.

Are you looking to beautify your kid’s bedroom ceiling instead? You may simply adapt the room’s theme and use it for the ceiling design for that unique look. If your kids’ room is space-themed, make them closer to the universe by painting the ceiling with stars, cosmos, and galaxies. Are your kids fond of cars? Why not paint a race track on the ceiling to add some “action” into the room? Do they love certain cartoon characters? Your kids will surely love seeing them as they lay in their bed before they go into the dream world.

7. Incorporate abstract and geometric designs.

You can also experiment with abstract and geometric designs for your ceiling. Play with different patterns or shapes, use wallpapers or paints, rectangular beams or panels, incorporate circles and curves, or bring a cool three-dimensional effect instead. Regardless of which you choose, all those can make your ceiling stand out and turn it into a beautiful accent of your home.

Gone are the days when it’s okay for ceilings to be unexciting. So, follow the tips above to bring a unique style and interest to that fifth wall!