Top Retailers Are Rocking Clashing Prints This Season and How You Can too

The trend for clashing prints isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s intensifying with even louder animal prints and neon explosions hitting the runways and filtering down into your favorite stores. 

The idea of top to toe animal prints might frighten you. It does most. But never fear. You can still rock the clashing prints look with a few carefully chosen statement pieces. Here’s how:

Look For Garments That Clash Themselves

The easiest way to nail the clashing print trend is to find a piece that clashes with itself! A number of top fashion outlets have launched dresses, shirts, skirts, and trousers made from sections of different prints. While some of these pieces have an old-fashioned patchwork quilt look, others have a futuristic punk vibe.

Find Print Accessories

No one said print is limited to fabrics. Find great print accessories, wear one kind of print and bingo! You’ve already mastered clashing prints. Print boots, sneakers, bags, and even sunglasses are everywhere right now. And if you wear prescription lenses you needn’t miss out. Buy whatever kooky glasses frames you admire and have custom lenses made through an online manufacturer like The Sunglass Fix. You can fit them yourself so the lenses are essentially multi-use!

Mix Spots, Stripes, Tartan, and Animal Print. 

Another great way to gain confidence clashing prints is to stick to the classics. Take these four types of print – spots, stripe, tartan, and animal – choose two and you’re good to go! Just make sure the prints you chose have different sizes and colors. Pairing navy and white stripes with navy and white spots of the same scale won’t look right. But wear a cool snakeskin with large navy and white stripes and you’re getting the idea. And never forget, everyone loves tartan and there is never a shortage of tartan garments on the racks. 

Stick to One Color Palette

A great tip for nailing the clashing trend without looking like you dressed in the dark is to stick to one color palette. Note we’re talking about one color palette, not one color. There is flexibility, providing the colors work well together. Pantone’s 2019 color of the year is a pink-red “living coral”, an ode to our oceans’ disappearing coral reefs. Colors in harmony with living coral include Storm Gray, Forest Blome (dark green) and Mauvewood. 

Vary the Materials

Another important tip for effective clashing is to vary the materials you’re wearing. Top to toe, layered linen, cotton, lycra, silk, whatever, doesn’t look good. But a wool jumper over a cotton dress, a floaty silk shirt with denim jeans or a linen skirt over a lycra top can look great. A material with its own unique texture, such as perforated leather, totally counts as its own print. Use these pieces as more neutral prints to break up louder elements. 

Wear Two Types of the Same Pattern

It might sound like a lot but wearing a top and bottom with the same print can look tres chic. Never break the cardinal rule though: each garment must be a different color, size of print and texture. We’re not going for a twinset look but a clashing print look. Find a crop top with a large red tartan check for example and pair it with a skirt with a small blue and yellow tartan check. Break the outfit up with something neutral, like a denim shirt tied around your waist or a loose white linen shirt and voila! You’ve mastered the art of the clashing print.