Top Reasons Why Homeschooling is Cheaper than Public or Private Schools

Most budget-conscious parents opt to send their children to public schooling for the apparent reason that it is considerably cheaper. While homeschooling is another viable option, parents skip them, not being wary of the costs it entails or thinking that public schools are still a less expensive choice for their children’s education. Yet, you might be surprised that it’s actually the opposite, as homeschooling is way more affordable! If you want to know why, read on below as we’ve listed the top reasons why homeschooling is cheaper than public or private schools – helping you meet both your financial and your kid’s educational goals.

1. Public and private schools need you to go “school shopping.”

Every opening of the school year, parents worry about paying for tuition for private schools, getting all other required uniforms, buying the right sneakers and backpack, and completing the long school supply list needed for each grade.

While those students from private schools won’t need to, each student from public school is expected to contribute papers, folders, highlighters, flash drives, and electronics to fill their homeroom’s supply closet or community pile. If you have more than three children, then expect to triple all that costs.

In homeschooling, you get to spend less on school clothes and pay less for school supplies. Your kids can even share certain items. You only need to purchase what’s needed and nothing else, allowing you to save more money.

2. Public and private schools require fees for extracurricular activities.

If your kid wants to get involved in performing arts, sports, cheerleading, or other extra-curricular activities, you need to pay the associated fees to get them in. The expense won’t end there, as these activities would often require the purchase of costumes, formal attire, or sports uniforms and safety gear, depending on the class your child decided to participate in. In homeschooling, your kid has the option to join church groups, local town theaters, and community sports clubs, scout organizations, and other independent groups without breaking your budget. 

3. Public and private schools hold several special events or occasions.

Public and private schools conduct various events, such as fundraisers, field trips, theater shows, sports camps and matches, prom, parents’ nights, award ceremonies – all requiring you to pay specific fees either for equipment and tickets. While some events aren’t compulsory, you will feel obliged to contribute, especially for PTA fundraising activities. Sometimes, even asking for other family members and friends to sponsor them for your child’s cause.

In homeschooling, you have the freedom to choose events that are necessary and in line with your budget. What’s great is that you can even find free sports events, plays, and concerts within the community. That way, your kid won’t miss out on the experience.

4. Public and private schools pay for rent, salary, and equipment.

One of the main reasons public and private schools are more expensive is that they need to rent or build buildings and establishments, buy lots of equipment, and pay large amounts of money on the salaries and pensions of their teachers and other staff. In homeschooling, you won’t need to pay for any rent as you teach your kid in the comfort of your home. You won’t also need many pieces of equipment, as you can always be inventive in your approaches to your kids’ learning. While you won’t be paid any financial compensation, what you’ll receive as a paycheck is seeing your kid prosper and grow through your love, care, and dedication.

Final Words

After listing down the reasons, the question is, should you opt to homeschool your kid? Truth to be told, the cost is only one of the different things to consider when choosing the type of education for your child. You need to fully assess the other factors, such as your kid’s needs, sociability, learning curve and adaptability, and sociability. After all, all you’d want is the best for your kids’ education.