Top Ideas for Home Decorating Trending This Season

Winter is coming along, and that always brings the urge to give oneself a fresh start. What’s more powerful than making a statement by using the hottest home décor trends that scream new and fresh? Enhancing style and function are not only done through massive remodeling projects that require an endless supply of money and time. Even small changes such as changing the color of a wall or incorporating some new pieces of art have the ability to completely change a house’s design. In the current depressing climate, one can really benefit from burying themselves in a new fashion project to make your house feel and look cozier and more luxurious. If you want to take your house to the next level but you are out of ideas, here are some trends to consider.

Earth Tones

One of the hottest trends this season is embracing earth tones. Shades such as olive green, yellow ochre, and darker burnt hues of orange add the much-needed element of warmth into your home this winter. Neutral or earthy colors do not have to be safe or boring. There is nothing boring about a brown velvet sofa or some metallic black doors that scream elegance. Learning how you can pick interesting items in neutral tones can give your house a grounded, comfortable feel.

Vintage Accents

Fashion can be about recycling. If you have been taking an interest in the fashion world for the past few years, then you have probably witnessed a lot of trends that are soon recycled and ignited again. Interior designers at state that French pieces are now having their moment. Designers have managed to bring back vintage accents, including spooled legs, spindles, and different furniture trends that were big back in the 1800s and 1900s. However, it’s better to only pick one or two pieces to make a statement rather than turning your house into a museum.

High Contrast Décor

High contrast fashion has been trending in many places, and now it’s the time for home décor to enjoy its contrasting moment. If you have been dreaming about all black furniture or painting your house black, you can do this and then add colorful splashes to even out the design. You can’t go wrong with some white frames and red pieces of furniture.

Curvy Shapes

Inspirations from the 60s and the 70s are making their way back into this season’s trends. Even though rounded furniture pieces are a recycled fashion trend from years ago, they can still add a sense of modernism to your house. Choosing the right fabrics and colors has the power to add elements of elegance and beauty. Rounded sofas and chairs also feel more welcoming to relax in and have a conversation.

Non-White Kitchens

It has been a while since the fashion police agreed to any other color than white for the heart of your house. Since 2010, white and other nude colors have dominated the cores of our houses. White and other lighter shades make your kitchen and other rooms seem wider and bigger. These muted colors also leave room for getting creative with other elements included in your kitchen. However, all of this about to change this season, with non-white kitchens dominating the trendy list. So, you can go for more natural wood cabinets with their earthly authentic grounding colors instead of settling for white.

Some Touches of Greenery

The truth is, it can be hard to remember a certain point in history where plants and touches of greenery in houses were not trending, and that is for a good reason. Since more people are spending more time in their houses, greenery has become more important than ever before. Adding plants has a positive psychological effect, especially if you are rarely going outside. Olive trees are coming in full strength this season. They are more suitable for people who don’t enjoy bright greens and tend to grow into a more sophisticated shade of green that will not only make your house feel more comfortable but also elegant and trendy.  You can tap into experts like these exterior decorators London and others.

When it comes to decorating your home, you know how important it is to get it right. Not just for your own comfort, but also to ensure that it looks great as well. Trends change so quickly. While some trendy pieces have the power to change, for the better, how your house looks and feels, others just look odd and out of place. The flame of trends is soon to burn out. So, rather than focusing on what is trending, it’s important to focus your attention on what pieces will complement your décor for a long time.