Top Gifts for a Mom on a Wedding Day

If your wedding is fast approaching, no one needs to tell you how stressful it can be to pull off preparations and make sure that you have thought of everything that needs to be done. Many people choose to buy a gift for their mothers or their future mothers-in-law because of all the help these women have offered during wedding planning. This being said, it can be difficult to decide what would make for a good gift in this scenario. The following will explore some ideas for gifts for mothers on your wedding day, as well as some suggestions on how to determine what is right for your mother or your mother-in-law.

Something Personal And Handmade

One of the easiest ways to express your love and appreciation for a mom is to make her something. You used to do this all the time as a kid, didn’t you? If you feel intense inadequacy while trying to think of something you feel qualified to make, consider hopping on the current trend. Recreating an older family photo with the kids all grown up isn’t too tricky to pull off but shows intense thought and emotion. This type of gift is one of a kind and cannot be replaced by anything.

A Wedding Survival Kit

Weddings are stressful for moms too! A lifestyle guru at made this lovely suggestion of giving mom a little kit full of everything she’ll need to make it through the big day. Throw in practical items (hairspray, stain-remover, bobby pins, a needle, and thread) with items designed to help mom relax (a candle in her favorite scent, a soothing tea, some pretty perfume, bubble bath) as well as cute memoirs or sentimental items. A quick online search will bring up hundreds of lists—you’re sure to find some ideas that suit your mom!

A Wedding Survival Kit

Something Nature-Based

Since we first began to keep a record of our existence, humans gave each other flowers as gifts. In many ancient cultures, the flowers were thought to be representations of different gods or goddesses. Over time flowers began to symbolize other things that humans value, such as love, honor, trust, friendship, and beauty. There are even old-school messages hidden within many of the commonly given flowers. Beyond this, keeping flowers in your home has been shown to clean the air, reduce stress, improve creativity, and promote feelings of peace. If the idea of a bouquet doesn’t work for you, consider a sweet house plant. Furthermore, children often collect items at the park and give them to their mothers; this gift has a sentimental hug at the center of it.

This one might sound cheesy, but nothing expresses love more than care and attention. We know you’re busy—you’re planning the biggest party you’ve ever planned, and you want everyone to have a good time, and that’s a lot of pressure. This being said, even just planning to have coffee or tea with your mom the morning of the big day can help ensure that she gets the one-on-one time that she deserves. When the wedding begins, you can bet that she’s going to be running around, trying to make sure every moment flows as best as it can. She also needs a moment to take a breath and appreciate the love you’ve found. Why not take that break together? It’s a big day for her too.

Something Nature-Based

Something You Know She’s Been Wanting

Moms are spectacular beings. They often put themselves last as they rush around, making sure that everyone else has what they need, what they want, and an extra scarf just in case. Show your mother that you’ve been listening to her when she speaks and find that one thing she’s mentioned she likes but refuses to buy for herself. Every mom is different, and so this gift is going to look different for everyone.

This being said, we’ve never met a mom who didn’t have something that fits into this category. For some, it’s clothing or jewelry; for others, it’s that photography masterclass she always talks about. For some, it’s as simple as a subscription to that magazine. She always reads in line at the grocery store but never lets herself buy. Keep your eyes and ears open and show mom how much attention you’re paying her.

With the above suggestions, you should have some idea of the wedding gift you want to get mom. Again, we know this is a crazy time, and it’s hard to manage it all. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the things that made you fall in love. You’re going to get through the chaos of wedding preparation, and that includes a gift for your mom and mother-in-law.