Top 5 Mattress Brands You Should Know About

Buying a mattress online can be an overwhelming task. And deciding on the most suitable brand for yourself can also get tough unless you know what to look for in a mattress. A wrong mattress can become the cause of joint aches, and can also interfere with good sleep. Here we try to discover the pros and cons of the top-rated mattresses for your knowledge. We know that every individual has their own choice for comfort and support when it comes to mattresses. If you like any of these, you might get them ordered from a mattress company in Roanoke right away.

Features Of The Right Mattress

Individual needs differ a lot when it comes to their style of sleep. As a result, there are a lot of unique features to consider before buying a mattress for your bed. Some aspects that might need due consideration ahead of purchase are mentioned here.

  • Size: Knowing the size of your bed correctly can help decide on the dimensions for your perfect mattress. Smaller or bigger mattresses can damage the overall look, apart from causing unnecessary discomfort for your sleep.
  • Firmness: Every body type and sleep position demands different firmness in a mattress. People with back pain might find comfort in a firm bed whereas an active body might feel rejuvenated over a bouncy mattress.
  • Material: Mattresses are made of different materials including memory foam, latex, gel foam, or springs. Depending on their weight and sleeping habits, people can select one that best suits their needs. Sleep trials from product manufacturers can be helpful in this.

Top Mattress Brands

i) Saatva

For people who love a bouncy feel, the Saatva Classic is a good choice. It is based on the traditional innerspring technology, coupled with a modern hybrid design on top. The different layers of specialty polyfoam and memory foam pad provide excellent spine support with the right amount of temperature regulation. The overall breathability of these mattresses is enhanced by the coil-on-coil structure of the innerspring system. This also accounts for superior motion transfer and responsiveness. A final touch of elegance is provided with the euro-style pillow top made of organic cotton for pressure relief and smoothness.

ii) Nectar

If a premium all foam, high durability mattress is what is in your mind, Nectar might prove to be your right bet. The manufacturers offer perks on this budget mattress, such as a lifetime warranty and a whole year of sleep trial. Nectar mattress is ideal for side sleepers with its 3-inch memory foam layer above transitional denser polyfoam layers. It provides medium firmness and a deep body contouring feel. The uppermost surface feels luxuriously plushy with a quilted cover of moisture-absorbing Tencel.

iii) Helix

Unsure about the position you sleep in? Not a problem. Helix mattresses greatly support combination sleepers. These are basically memory foam-based hybrid mattresses. This bed-in-a-box online brand makes customized mattresses for specific body types and firmness needs. Their most popular Midnight range provides a balanced feel with elevated pressure-relieving at an affordable price. Every mattress comes with dual foam layers at the top. A highly responsive layer of patented Helix memory foam sits above another layer of transition polyfoam with medium firmness. Minimal bounce is achieved through the lowest support core of the pocketed coil system. This makes for smooth switching of posture during sleep for all combination sleepers.

iv) Nolah

More cushioning for the shoulders and hips work brilliantly for side sleepers. This can improve spinal alignment and relax pressure points. Nolah mattresses cater to these needs with their vast and firm hybrid mattress range. But, what is a hybrid mattress? They call it The Nolah Evolution series. These mattresses are offered with three levels of firmness, suiting buyers of varying weight groups. The proprietary polyfoam layer at the top provides enhanced body contouring and optimum circulation through graphite infusion. An additional supporting foam layer sits below to prevent excessive sagging. Zone-based pocketed coiling ensures enough reinforcement for the midsection in these. Thanks to the thicker coils around the perimeter of these mattresses, getting on and off is a piece of cake.

iv) DreamCloud

Hot sleepers valuing the best of contouring and bounce in their bed can definitely think about DreamCloud mattresses. These are hybrids with superior circulation, attributed to the pocketed coil structure for their core support. The edge support in DreamCloud mattresses clearly stands out in their price bracket. Equally comfortable for back and side sleepers, these beds come covered in a luxurious blended cashmere quilt for unparalleled moisture-wicking and breathability. The two-tiered upper layers consist of gel-infused memory foam atop bouncy polyfoam. Another high-density polyfoam layer below the core coil system helps limit noise from the springs. However, the medium firmness of DreamCloud mattresses accounts for a more balanced performance.