Top 20 Sites like Pinterest to Love

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re borderline addicted to Pinterest.  We have noticed that the majority of the traffic to our site comes from Pinterest, which makes sense because we spend a lot of time over there, too!  Since it became so popular, there have been a lot of Pinterest spin-off sites. While they may not match Pinterest, you may still want to take a look at them for yourself.

After looking through quite a few of them, we put together a list of our favorites.  If you’re a blogger, you can use these sites for a larger audience. But if you are a student and have difficulty combining your studies and your own interests, there is a way out. You can turn to various service sites where you can buy a custom research paper and more.

An added bonus is that most of these sites have apps as well!  Enjoy!

1. HomeTalk: This site is very similar to Pinterest, but focuses only on home and garden topics.  You can also ask questions and receive answers from the community.

2. Houzz: On this site, you can look at ideas for different rooms, look at others’ ideas, create idea books, and find professionals in your area to help with your renovations.

3. Project Decor: Project Décor lets you browse items to create an ideal room.  You can then get feedback from the community about the room, and then buy the items through the site.

4. Dwelling Gawker: This site lets you browse through posts, items for the home, ideas, and websites submitted by architecture and design bloggers.  You can search for ideas and create your own boards.

5. Food Gawker: This site is very similar to Pinterest, but focuses only on food and recipes.  You can browse through the recipes, find popular items, or search for what you want.

6. I Wanna Nom: I Wanna Nom allows you to browse food pins and create boards.  You can also rate recipes while you share them with your I Wanna Nom community.

7. Image Spark: This site focuses only on pictures and images.  You can create “mood boards” to save the pictures that you like.  It’s especially interesting for photographers and artists.

8. Trippy: Trippy is similar to Pinterest, but has only travel-related pins.  You can create “ideal” trips, share your travel experiences with others, or plan an upcoming vacation.

9. Wanderfly: This site is also like a Pinterest for travel.  You can get travel advice and recommendations and find travel ideas.  Last year it was purchased by Trip Advisor.

10. Craft Gawker: Craft Gawker is perfect for those who love crafts and want more ideas.  It is very similar to Pinterest but has only craft ideas.

11. Polyvore: Polyvore is a fashion site that has only fashion pins.  On this site, however, you can purchase items rather than just gather ideas.

12. Tailored: This site lets you collect wedding-related ideas.  It’s no secret that many brides-to-be get a lot of wedding ideas from Pinterest.  This site caters to this audience.

13. All I Really Want: This site is also geared toward the wedding planning crowd.  It allows you to create your own unique registry from items across different websites and then share it with others.

14. Zootool: Zootool lets you save not only clips from web pages, but also documents, videos, and pictures.  It’s a social media version of Dropbox.

15. StumbleUpon: Stumble Upon is similar to Pinterest, but caters to men and women.  You can choose your areas of interest, and then find web posts within those areas.  A lot of the posts are articles, rather than crafts, recipes, or decorating ideas.

16. Ology: Ology allows users to share entertainment news with their community.  It’s a quick way to find everything that’s trending on the web.

17. Wanelo: Wanelo stands for want, need, love.  It is basically an online shop that works like Pinterest.  You can find and save items that you can buy later if you choose.  It’s a great site to find unique items.

18. We Heart It: We Heart It is very similar to Pinterest, where you can browse ideas and pictures, then share them with your community.  It is geared toward a younger crowd, as most of the “pins” are about youth topics, and most users are younger than Pinterest users.

19. Manteresting: Simply said, this is Pinterest for men.  However, I love this site and find a lot for myself on here as well!

20. Gentlemint: Gentlemint is another Pinterest for men….because men really love the ideas from Pinterest, but are too manly to use it themselves :)

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More Pinterest-like Sites to Love:


Juxtapost is similar to Pinterest, but better. It was initially designed to be superior to Pinterest by addressing several of the flaws of that platform at the time, including invite-only membership, lack of private boards, the inability to export material, and others. Juxtapost lost many of its distinctive qualities once Pinterest overtook it, but its community is still going strong.

The More Like This button is the Juxtapost feature that we like the most. If you’re looking around the front page and come across a delectable recipe, you can click on that button to view even more delectable recipes right away. Additionally, entries can be categorized and labeled in a plethora of ways, making it simple to find new content that stirs your interest. If you want to utilize a website similar to Pinterest that has many of the same functions but is presented in a different way, use Juxtapost.


For those of you who are artistic out there, Dribbble is the ideal platform for you to respond to the question, “what are you working on right now?” Dribbble describes itself as the “leading destination to find and showcase creative work.”

You can use Dribbble to share your work whether you’re designing websites, movie posters, typography, pixel art, company logos, architecture, or anything else. It’s a fantastic method to display work you’ve done with Canva, Photoshop, and other design software.

If you are not a designer, it is absolutely acceptable. You are free to browse the posts on Dribbble to gain a peek inside the creative processes of other designers. This website has a lot of mind-blowing stuff if you can appreciate art in all of its forms.


All of your interests are centralized at Pearltrees. Using the Pearltrees browser extension or mobile app, you may add snippets of web pages to your collection in addition to adding photographs, URLs, and documents.

You can build a variety of collections with Pearltrees that you can categorize into as many subcollections as you require. As soon as you add an item, Pearltrees will show you collections created by other users that are similar to yours. You are given 1GB of storage by Pearltrees for no cost, but you must subscribe in order to acquire more storage and features.

The Fancy

Check out The Fancy if you’re constantly shopping for new accessories, footwear, artwork, or home furnishings. This Pinterest substitute offers you the option to look through a huge selection of distinctive goods that you can buy right on the website.

If you’re not quite ready to make the purchase, you can “Fancy” or save the products you view by clicking the popsicle icon. Similar to that, you can make your own lists and share items with pals.


Another fantastic Pinterest substitute is Mix. You may select from a variety of categories for your feed when you download the Mix app, including fashion, music, amusing articles, nature, and more.

When you click the Mix button next to a post you like, it is added to a collection on your profile. These posts are used by Mix to create a customized content stream. To see what other people are mingling, go to the Popular tab.


If you need some much-needed time away from Pinterest, these Pinterest alternatives are ideal. You may explore, gather, and share a ton of brand-new content that they have available. Why not visit them now that we’ve listed the top Pinterest alternatives and see for yourself?