Tips for Vacuuming with Babies in the House

Cleaning the house is one of the most important things that people do regularly to avoid getting sick. However, if you have a baby at home, cleaning tasks, like vacuuming, can be a lot more complicated. It’s because you need to make sure that you are not creating a dangerous environment, aside from your attention being divided. If it’s your first time having a baby at home, how do you think can you keep your home clean?

If you are having a baby at home soon, there are ways that you can do to make cleaning easy and as safe as possible. The first few weeks of having a baby at home are indeed joyful, but it is also hard work. To help you out, we are giving you some of the best tips for vacuuming and cleaning in general when you have a baby or babies in the house.

1. Use a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby as you clean.

If there’s no one available to look after your baby when you do your home cleaning, then using a baby monitor is useful. This way, you’ll be able to focus on your household cleaning tasks with your baby right beside you, in a virtual sense. The baby monitors that you can find today also delivers HD video coverage aside from the high-quality sound. There are even some that have pan, tilt, and zoom functions to give you full control. With this, as you vacuum your living room carpet or clean in the kitchen, you’ll be able to see and hear your baby.

2. Do not spend a lot of time cleaning.

When you are a new parent, you do not want to leave your baby alone for longer than necessary. Therefore, cleaning for short periods is the best way to go. Aside from that, you also need to think about your energy levels, as you will still be spending time taking care of your baby day and night. When you have a baby at home, you can stick to simple cleaning sessions of around 15 minutes. Dust and vacuum the house daily within 15 minutes, and after that, take a rest.

3. Clean and vacuum your home while your baby is asleep.

Newborn babies have irregular sleeping patterns that could make your life challenging. Your first priority should always be your health. This means that when your baby sleeps, you should also do the same. But when you’ve already taken a nap for quite a while, then you can use the remaining time to clean before your baby wakes up. Take it a chance to vacuum your home as your baby sleeps. This way, you will be able to focus all your efforts on cleaning.

4. Use effective cleaning tools to make the tasks easier.

It’s true that cleaning the house is very challenging when you have a baby to look after. However, it can be more difficult if you do not have the best tools to accomplish the tasks. If you want your cleaning to be more effective while looking after your baby, then you need to find a powerful vacuum cleaner that comes with useful attachments and tools. You can also opt for cordless and lightweight ones that you can move from room to room easily to remove dust, dirt, and other allergens. Or if you have the budget, you can go for central vacuum cleaners like the OVO central vacuum cleaner. This will no longer require you to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner in every room, making your cleaning experience more convenient.

5. Avoid using loud vacuum cleaners that may disturb or scare your baby.

One of the challenging parts of vacuuming the house when there’s a baby is the noise that the device makes. A noisy vacuum cleaner may disturb your sleeping baby, or worse, the sound might scare them. Therefore, if you have a baby at home, it is better to find vacuum cleaners that make less noise compared to the usual ones that are loud.

These are some of the best tips that we can give for vacuuming with babies in the house. The secret is in the timing and the effectiveness of the device that you are using when vacuuming. We hope these tips will help you in keeping your home clean and your baby healthy.