Tips For Traveling With a Toddler

Traveling by plane or by car with a toddler isn’t the most pleasant experience as a parent. Little children don’t have enough patience for all the fuss on every trip. They hate sitting still for hours and usually get frightened of their external environment.

Fortunately, you can travel worry-free with proper planning and preparation. So, whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, you can check out these following tips for traveling with a toddler. 

Only Pack One Family Suitcase to be Efficient

If you’re traveling solo with other children or your toddler, it’s best to pack only one family suitcase to keep things manageable. As a result, you won’t have to haul several bags alone while traveling, allowing you one free hand to manage the children through the airport.

Bring Items with Multipurpose

Avoid bringing a baby blanket on the trip unless your toddler needs it for security. Instead, you can take a beach towel that you can use as a blanket, a mat, and a towel. Another multipurpose item is paper tape to use as a rolling toy, a means of facilitating minor repairs, and siblings’ turf separator. You can also get a multitextured, soft-sided activity bar to secure on your toddler’s crib, car seat, or stroller. Some of which even come with removable toys.

Bring Your Toddler’s Hygiene Essentials

Carrying a well-stocked diaper kit can be beneficial when traveling with your toddler. In addition, bring with you plastic zip-close bags for storing items such as snacks, soiled shoes, wet bathing suits, and toys, as well as wet wipes, providing a basic hygiene level. Also, keep in mind to carry a change of clothes for your toddler in case of accidental spills.

Urge Your Kids to Carry Their Belongings

Toddlers may find it enjoyable to carry a small backpack or fanny pack while traveling. Encourage children who are 3 years and older to take along their clothing and toys in an appropriate-size rolling suitcase. Doing this is an effective way of lightening your load and make your children feel like they’re grown-up.


Book the Most Secure In-Flight Options

Children two years or younger can usually travel at a reduced rate or for free when held by a grown-up as a “lap child.” However, experts advise buying a seat to secure your toddler in an infant vest or a Federal Aviation Administration-approved CRS. 

Set Aside Treats for Departure

Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, easy-to-pack snacks such as baby carrots, dry cereal, and pretzels are sure to satisfy your child. Moreover, pre-packing these snacks can help you avoid premium charges at travel stops. Of course, it’s also necessary to bring a sippy cup or a refillable water bottle.

Use a Booster Seat During Road Trips

Always book car seats for your toddlers every time you reserve a rental car, ensuring availability. In addition, you’ll want to use a booster seat for your child to keep them safe and secure until they can fit into a standard seat belt. 

Take Naps When Permissible

Encouraging your toddler to take naps is one of the best ways to avoid irritating them. Create a routine that can help your child get some sleep, like putting them to sleep with their favorite toy or security blanket and making them change into sleepwear around the same schedule daily.

Bring Toddler Travel Supplies for Your Accommodation

Having familiar things in your rental home or hotel room will help your child adjust better to a new environment. For example, consider bringing your toddler’s night light or crib sheet from home to bring added comfort. To keep curious toddlers, secure in new environments, secure the remote control, lock the toilet seat cover, and cover wall outlets with masking tape if necessary.

Reserve Accommodations that Satisfy Your Demands

There’s always available accommodation for any family, despite their needs and budget. For example, large families may like vacation rentals that include special perks and cooking facilities. At the same time, some parents prefer resorts and hotels with restaurants, swimming pools, and playrooms for rainy weather. Nevertheless, be sure to choose the accommodation that fits you and your toddler’s needs. 

Be Prepared to Tour with a Toddler

Bring with you a portable child carrier or stroller fitted with snacks, drinks, 

trinkets, and a sunshade. Some child carriers can also double as highchairs when eating. 

Remain Flexible

When facing troubles during your trip, keep yourself calm and focus on carrying on with your plans. If you’re intended schedule fails, adjust to a new one bearing a positive mindset. Your child will follow your behavior, and staying positive will help them make happy, permanent memories of your family vacation.

Prepare Your Child for New Sounds, Tastes, and Sights

If you’re going to a new place, try making local recipes, playing local music, and collecting pictures of landmarks to anticipate your upcoming trip. For instance, you can try showing your toddler photos of pets or relatives before your arrival to make them more comfortable around people they’re not familiar with. Furthermore, children three years old and above might want to assist in planning the trip, so make sure to share photos and brochures of your destination with them.