Tips for Teaching Children About the Amazing Savanna Grasslands of Africa

Learning about the savanna grasslands of Africa is a must for all children. It will allow them to know more about this incredible ecosystem and introduce them to its stunning landscapes, distinctive plant life, and diverse wildlife that will undoubtedly keep them amused. As humans are also an integral part of the ecosystem, kids will also know how we interact with the environment in a multitude of ways and how they can value the place we live in.

The catch is that studying this subject can often be complex and confusing for kids, preventing them from reaching a full understanding or worse, causing them to lose interest. To help you out, here are some tips for teaching about the African savanna grasslands that will make it fun and exciting for young minds.

1. Drawing and Coloring

The African savanna grassland is home to many of the world’s most iconic animals, such as elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, lions, giraffes, and so much more! Get print-outs of these impressive animals and have your child color them. Alternatively, you may also find animal worksheets where they need to “connect the lines” or “join the dots” to complete the figure. Get them to know more about these beautiful creatures by imparting valuable information as they work on the activity.

2. Word Puzzles

Studying an ecosystem entails dealing with many science-related words, vocabularies and definitions, which can be overwhelming for children. An excellent way to help kids absorb all these terms is by doing word puzzles. In this type of activity, children access their working memory, aiding their short-term and long-term memory in the process. It also helps analyze better to get the word solutions, boosting their thinking skills. Your kids reap all those benefits, while also learning more about valuable concepts about the African savanna grasslands.

3. Growing seeds

As its name implies, grasslands are covered with grass. There are about 75 species of grass in the African savanna, making them the most abundant plant life in the given ecosystem. Though you can teach your kid about how these plants grow using the conventional, you can level up the experience by letting your kids plant actual seeds. Discuss the plant life cycle, parts of the plant, photosynthesis, as well as their importance to the ecosystem and the wildlife.

4. World Map Challenge

The savanna grasslands of Africa cover a wide expanse of the continent and encompass many of its countries. Get a world map and teach your kid where these savanna grasslands can be found. You can ask them to research what wildlife is commonly found in that particular spot or what separates it apart from other ecosystems existing in the continent. Once they master the information, you can also have your kids compare them to other equally stunning grasslands, such in North America, Asia, and Australia, and highlight their unique characteristics.

5. Pretend-play

Pretend-play fun is the best way to stir your kids’ creativity and imagination, while helping them learn more about the wildlife in the African savanna grassland. Make animal costumes using anything possible in the house and transform them into a lion, a warthog, or a meerkat. Let them know the place of these animals in the food chain, the role they play in the ecosystem, or other interesting facts about them. Otherwise, you can make hand puppets of these animals instead and give life to them through a story, while still conveying significant details about these beautiful creatures.


Teaching your kids about the African savanna grasslands will never be tedious and daunting with these fun and exciting tips. Still, there are other steps you can take. Just be inventive and resourceful – it’ll help your kids discover more about this astounding ecosystem.