Tips for Buying the Perfect Paper Gift Bag

Buying the perfect paper gift bag doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you know what to look for when shopping around! Take some time to think about your specific needs, such as whether you’re looking for a design that would match the theme of your next event or one that will coordinate with the wrapping paper you already own. If you’re looking for gift bags on a budget, do some research and comparison shopping to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Here are tips on how to buy perfect paper gift bags:

1. Get to know your options

If you want to make sure you’re getting the right paper gift bag for your needs, start by knowing exactly what your options are. Start by making a list of the things you’ll need: what size paper gift bag do you need? Do you want just a plain bag or one with an attached handle? Are you looking for recycled options or ones made from environmentally sustainable materials? Are decorative designs important to you, or will a simple design work best? Knowing these details will help narrow down your search and ensure that your gift bags are built according to your needs.

2. Think about the occasion

The main reason many of us are drawn to gift papers is the fact that they’re easy to use, store and recycle. If you know you’ll only be using a paper gift bag for one event, however, you might want to consider purchasing a decorative option instead. If your guests will be carrying around the bag afterwards, spending money on a more expensive option with more bells and whistles may not be worth it.

3. Long-term vs. short-term storage

Long-term vs. short-term storage

If you’re trying to decide between a paper gift bag and a reusable version made from another material, think about how the bag will be used afterwards and how long it will be stored after the event is over. If you plan on using the bag year after year, or if you want something that your guests can use on multiple occasions, buying a less expensive option may be worth it. If you know there won’t be much use for the gift bag afterwards, however, spending more money on a reusable option might be better.

4. Size matters

The first thing to do when comparing the gift bags is to make sure you know exactly what size and shape you need. While the most popular paper gift bags are made from a standard 12 x 12-inch square, you actually have many other options if you’re willing to do some comparison shopping. If you need a larger or smaller option, however, you may want to consider buying a plastic bag that has the ability to expand or contract.

5. Think about your needs and budget

If you’re trying to decide between decorative and basic options, think about what you plan on using the bag for and how much money is in your budget. If it’s going to be consumed immediately after it’s opened, spending money on an elaborate design or one with built-in handles may not be worth it.

It’s important that you know what you’re looking for, how much you can afford to spend and how your needs will affect the way the bag will be used. If you’re unsure what paper gift bag would work best for your needs, simply choose a style based on the occasion at hand and start shopping.