Things you need to know about a virtual wedding

It has never been easier for us to connect with all our family and friends worldwide and share some valuable moments online using the internet. Put, if you have been living under a rock, would you not be aware that the marriage industry, like every other, has been hit hard by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and the arising lockdown measures. This has derailed wedding planning and has also influenced many people while compelling some related pairs to make the hard decision to delay their wedding or even eliminate their special day. If you hope to shift forward with your marriage strategies while maintaining in check the social distancing criteria, you can always get excellent guidance from the Mona Salehi Notary website.

What is a Virtual Wedding?

Marriages have been prevailing around for hundreds of years, and though they have progressed with society and time, the idea proceeds the same – bringing two people jointly to share their love and lives.

Want to have a small ritual with colleagues and household and share the promising moments with those who can’t join them for reasons aplenty. There’s yet the chance to stream the whole event for everybody who you want privy to the special day.

Virtual marriages are enabling couples who were wanting to get married. All of them will be allowed to enjoy those nearest to them and carry out the marriage procession of their dreams.

Live stream an actual marriage?

A few of the greatly amicable streaming techniques for your actual marriage are mentioned below:

Zoom Marriage

Zoom is known as one of the promising platforms for hosting meetings for large groups, and you can bring in up to 100 members with the free version of the strategy. If you have more than 100 people to stream for, things get more complicated, but you can host more than 100 people on the Zoom forum. You can understand your live guests with Zoom is a big plus when deciding which set to go with.


  • See video & responses of your visitors
  • Safety using Meeting IDs


  • Extra costs for over 100 users
  • You have to tape the video separately for coming viewing.

Facebook Groups and Facebook Live for virtual marriages

The single extraordinary aspect about governing Facebook Live for a virtual marriage is that you can have as many visitors as you’d prefer. Moreover, you can utilize FB Groups for several objectives during the planning procedure.


  • Visitors can yet use chat and respond during the live video.
  •  Inquire about as many guests as you’d prefer.

Export your marriage with YouTube

You can always share your marriage on YouTube with as many visitors as you want to bring in. You will have to use a desktop for this purpose unless you have more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube channel, assisting you in streaming live via mobile.


  • Live video is conserved for future viewing.
  • YouTube is quite a simple strategy to guide.


  • You can’t see your virtual visitors.