Things to Consider Before Buying Yourself a Meat Grinder

With the concept of healthy eating gaining momentum, more and more people prefer to grind meat at home rather than buy ready-made stuff. Once not the most common kitchen tools, meat grinders are in high demand nowadays, so if you are also one of those looking to purchase this useful appliance or replace your older helper, you are in luck because the choice has never been so rich and diverse.

However, if you want a product able to cater to your needs and serve for years, do not rush to order the first fancy-looking grinder you run into. Set enough time to research the offering and choose your perfect fit based on expert advice. Here are the main things to consider before buying yourself a meat grinder.

Grind Bones?

Most meat grinders can grind soft bones that are found in small animals such as chicken, rabbit etc… If these are the kind of bones you plan to grind, a standard commercial meat grinder should do.

If you do not have bones, and you simply need to mince up bones chunks of meats into a paste for patties etc.. then you could go for a low budget option like a mini chopper with mincing blades. Be it for home use, small bones or industrial grade, you can get the best electric meat grinder prices in Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, if you are planning on grinding heavy bones from beef, deer meat etc… then you need to choose meat grinders specifically designed for this purpose. Heavy duty machines built to grind big bones usually come with a cooling system to prevent any damages to the motor from the heat build up created from crushing big dense bones.

Power Source

Despite what you may think, not all modern kitchen appliances are driven by electricity, and you still can buy a classic manual variant – as powerful as your arms. Wittiness aside, they are not only a great choice for places without electricity but also for those people who are not plotting to grind huge quantities of meat. Manual grinders have their own virtues: they are small, cheap, and can be your best bet if you need a grinder only from time to time.

Now, let’s focus on electric grinders because they are what you need if you are looking for a hard worker. If you plan to grind meat regularly, process different blends, and even make food for your pet, then there is no dilemma: you will have to look either for a standalone electric grinder or a mixer grinder attachment if you already own Kitchen Aid or similar wonder. Each option comes with certain pros and cons, so if you are interested in the details, you can find out more here, as well as read expert reviews on the most popular products. Once you choose the type, you can move forward and think of the quality-price ratio, specific details, and functions.


If you do not want to buy a new meat grinder every two years, then you need a model that is intended to withstand a solid amount of usage and last longer than a standard or extended warranty. Of course, such models cost more than those designed to stop working the next day after the warranty expires but they do serve longer and, as a rule, ensure far better performances.

So, how to recognize the product that will serve for many years? First of all, the less plastic, the better. Look for a cast aluminum body and stainless steel cutting blades, avoid any plastic details that are directly engaged in operations. Stainless steel is a must not only because it provides for incredible sharpness but also because it is rust-resistant.

Usability and Cleaning

Do not underestimate the easiness of both use and cleaning – we bet you already have a couple of tools you do not use because it takes ages to clean them. Given that you are going to work with raw meat, all parts of the grinder should be 100% clean, leaving no chance for bacteria and mold to build up on the surfaces. Again, stainless steel is king but you also can opt for dishwasher-safe models.  Besides being uncomplicated to clean, your future meat grinder should be easy to operate.

Usability and Cleaning

Pay attention to the size and location of the feed tube, as well as the position of a power switch in relation to the output. Also, do not forget to consider the exact place your meat grinder is going to take in the kitchen and think of its usability in line with this. Before ordering a certain model, be sure to find and read its instruction manual to get a clear idea of all steps you will have to perform to grind a piece of meat.


Meat grinders can come in the basic variant with only two grinding plates (one for coarse and another for fine grains) but if you want to get more for your money, look for those models that offer additional perks. Love sausages? Now you can make them at home if you buy a meat grinder with a special extra that allows making sausages of different sizes while pasta buffs can take advantage of a pasta maker and enjoy home-made spaghetti.

Do not forget that people buy kitchen tools to make life and cooking easier, not vice versa. Meat grinders are no exception, hence look for a powerful, durable, and convenient to use appliance able to meet your demands.