Things to Check Before Calling an AC Expert

What would you do if your air conditioner does not start or refuses to obey your command? Before you hit the panic button and reach for the emergency AC repair Jacksonville, Florida, try finding the root of the problem. At times, your AC will give issues not because of major technical problems, but for very simple minor issues, that can be fixed without the experts’ aid. This does not mean you must avoid contacting your professional when you contact, but having a little knowledge will do you good in long run.

The following tips are taken from the expert’s diary of Weather Engineers that states how to tackle AC issues before signaling for the white flag. With in-depth industry knowledge and experience, they are often referred as the Best AC repair Jacksonville, FL.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that indicate AC system failure.

  • Is the air filter blocked?

Air filters are the most important part of the air conditioner that ensures smooth and efficient operation. And so, it must be kept in its best form. If the air conditioner is not working properly or giving efficiency issues, check the air filter for blockage. With time, dust and dirt get collected in the air filter, causing air blockage. This is the reason, the air filter must be cleaned/replaced once in 2-3 months for better and smooth efficiency and operation. If your air filter seems fine, then it can be because of other problems that need immediate help from the professionals for AC repair.

  • Is there electrical power?

Most often, professionals receive panic calls for AC breakdowns. Only when they reach the place, they find out about the power shut down. You sure would not like to pay for an AC checkup that didn’t happen in the first place. So before calling the AC repair technicians, check for power and wirings. Look for possible damage or short circuits. If everything seems to work fine, then go ahead with calling the technicians.

  • Sensor problems

The air conditioner features a thermostat sensor. It takes place behind the sensor panel that measures the temperature coming from the evaporative coil. If there is any fault in the sensor, then the AC can behave erratically or could cycle continuously. The position of the sensor is also very important as it must be placed near the coil and not very close to or touching the coil. Try positioning the sensor and look for the problem to solve. If it continues, then seek professionals’ help.

  • Did you check the AC drain/condensation pump?

The water safety switch is one of the important safety measures that is found in the air conditioners. This switch stops the operation of the system in case of leaks that could damage the ceilings and floors of your house. Check the pan for water under the unit and clean out the drain line for any blockage. If your AC does not start to its normal operating state, get experts help.

  • Is it a circuit breaker?

Though circuit breaker may look like a very minute problem, this does not mean it can be overlooked. Check whether it has tripped and reset it in case of tripping. If you are facing this problem again and again, then contacting the electrician is the best move. Circuit breakers trip only for safety reasons. There may be issues with the wirings that may be pulling more electricity than needed. Call the technicians at the earliest before it gives place to other major issues.

  • Electric Control Failure

The fan and compressor can wear out when it is frequently turned on and off. This happens when the unit is oversized for the room. Check with your professionals and replace it with a unit that is perfect for the room.

Apart from the above problems, other AC problems like poor service procedures, faulty installation, inadequate maintenance, etc. can also be the root cause of air conditioner problems. Faulty installation can lead to low airflow and leaky ducts, causing the system to shut down before its time. Many times, refrigerant also causes problems as it may not match the specifications of the manufacturer. So make sure the refrigerant is charged right by getting the right help from the experienced professionals for stress-free happy cooling days.