The Top Nail Salons in Tucson

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, everybody was guilty of running to the most convenient nail salon they could get to. But that has changed. You have to consider the spacing between nail stations, sanitization protocols, and cleanliness before booking an appointment. Greentoes Tucson nail salon is a great example of a Covid-19 compliant establishment that still delivers exceptional services. Everyone else seems to be playing catch up.

That said, here are the best nail salons in Tucson right now.

1. Greentoes Nail Salon

Greentoes is easily one the best nail salons in town, and the shiny reviews can confirm that. They have two locations in Tucson, but most people love the northern one for the spacious interior and elegant design. Upon arrival, you’re received warmly by the surprisingly courteous staff, even when you walk in unannounced. While waiting, interest your mind with the nice variety of magazines, great music, or stare out their floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the street.

2. One Day Nail and Spa

Cheap rates and great services don’t always mix, but One Day Nail Spa is an exception. For just $27, you can get a lively foot massage, gel polish, and lotion, but that also means the place is always busy. The waiting time is not too bad, and they have a nice, comfortable lobby area for queuing customers. Overall, most people say this nail salon meets and exceeds their expectations.

3. Nails by Yen

If you’re looking for a slow-paced nail salon with a stunning design that will keep you entertained, Nails by Yen is your best bet. The technicians in this salon tend to put more time into detailing, so you’re always guaranteed great results. They also got Covid-19 certified, including having spaced stations, regular sanitization, and a requirement for masks. Still, it’s worth noting that high-level detailing takes time, so you might want to book an appointment to avoid a long wait.

4. Paris Nails Lounge

This is one of the newest salons in Tucson, and they are getting great reviews from most people who try their service. They are more relaxed than other options, which means you can walk in unannounced and still get your nails done. Despite being relatively new, they have experienced technicians who will get your nails done in record time. Factor in the courteous support staff, tasteful styling, and zero waiting time, and you’ll see why this relatively new salon made it to this list.

5. Polish Studio

This salon opened its doors last year, and they’ve already made a name in the beauty space. The interior decor is impressive, the staff is polite, and Covid-19 rules are in full effect. They recently became an appointment-only salon to avoid overcrowding, and the technicians have to wear masks and gloves the entire time. You can get a pedicure on a typical day with an included foot massage and gel manicure for just $57.

6. OV posh Nail Spa

With over 100 reviews on Yelp and even more on Google My Business, OV Posh Nail Spa is one of the oldest salons in Tucson, and most people are pleased with their services. The spa got its Covid-19 certification earlier this year, and they’ve been observing social distancing and sterilization procedures religiously. However, they’ve been getting quite a few negative reviews lately. Maybe it’s because they are bringing in new, inexperienced techs on board.

7. Exquisite Nails

Covid precautions at Exquisite Nails are great – masks are a requirement for service, and they added glass partitions between stations. These guys will always try to make every job a masterpiece, translating to long waiting times. But that also means you get great results every time you visit the salon. Kelly, the owner, is always on call, and her job is to make sure everybody is happy with their service. She is also hardworking and has trained her team to be just like her.

8. Gelish Nail Salon

This dedicated nail salon accepts appointments only, but you might get lucky if you show up at the right time. The staff there are super friendly and willing to exceed expectations, especially when there are no waiting customers. Expect a really long foot massage, great precision with pedis and manis, and a great overall experience. Their location looks nice, but it could use a facelift to keep up with the competition. Still, their design can impress older people, making it the kind of place you want to go with your mum.