The Most Trusted Vacuum Cleaner Brands

 Depending on your budget and cleaning needs, you want to have to best vacuum possible. The number one consideration here is that a vacuum or a vacuum cleaner should provide ease to your general housekeeping chores. Usually, you may want to rely on vacuum reviews and customer ratings, where you will discover that not a few consumers are comparing one vacuum brand to another. Plus, you’ll also want to look at several vacuum discounts and deals to make sure that you’ll get the most out of your money by the time you make your purchase.

Looking at the best brands and vacuum cleaner manufacturers will doubtless help you in your search. These are all easily available online, with customer reviews and ratings galore. We’ve discussed some of the top names in the vacuum cleaner industry below:

1. Electrolux

Hearing the name “Electrolux” should do away with all doubts — it is certainly the brand to go to when for high-quality vacuum cleaners (as well as other appliances). Their quality and reputation have never been compromised, and you’ll have a lot of choice to boot.

The company boasts a wide range of vacuums for every cleaning need, from the classic canister models to the multi-functional UltraCollection cleaners. Electrolux also offers accessories as well as excellent support on how to care for your vacuum cleaner and keep it in its top working condition.

2. Kirby

Kirby is one of the oldest and most established names when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It wouldn’t have stayed in the industry for over 100 years if it weren’t for their reliable vacuums that the company has developed and continued to improve. The Kirby Sentria and the Kirby Avalir systems are considered among the best vacuums that the company has offered to date.

3. Dyson

The UK-based Dyson is also one of the most trusted vacuum brands in the world today. It is known for being the first to introduce cyclone technology for effectively sucking in dust and dirt. Dyson’s line of versatile cordless upright vacuums features their “ball technology” which is supported by warranties. Dyson’s “Ball Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum” has garnered high customer ratings (especially those seen on Amazon).

Their most recent product, the Dyson 360TM Eye, utilizes state-of-the-art technology which sucks in dirt and dust twice as easily as any robotic vacuum does.

4. Hoover

Although Hoover also makes other home appliances, this brand is almost synonymous with floor care technology; in fact, the word itself has become to mean “vacuum” or “vacuum cleaner” in Western societies.

 The iconic brand launched several classic models such as “The Junior,” “The Dirtsearcher,” “The Portable,” “The Constellation,” “Model 28,” “Model 63,” and “The Convertible.” Hoover’s more modern models, such as those coming from the T-Series and the Cordless Series, have been rated highly by consumers.

5. Shark

Shark offers the best low- to mid-range vacuums that can be compared to any other top-of-the-line vacuums. Fortunately, most of the models also come at affordable prices. We should also mention here mention that the company utilizes its own “lift-away” canister technology that enables cleaning floors in more ways than one.

Some of the best-rated Shark vacuum cleaners include the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Pet Vacuum, the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum, the Shark Navigator Pro Lift-Away Rotator Vacuum, and the Shark Navigator Elite Professional Lift-Away Vacuum.


The top brands for vacuum cleaners might cost quite a fair bit as opposed to lesser known names. If you can’t afford one of the options above or anything from the brands we’ve mentioned, don’t lose hope! The manufacturers here are often giving discounts and holding sales, so something might come into your budget quite soon. If not, there are several new arrivals and smaller names in the vacuum cleaner market that might even rival high-end models.