The Many Benefits of Juicing

As humans, one of our primary survival instincts is to eat; and it’s still true to this day. But before, we weren’t used to eating a lot of junk and processed foods; that’s why people were naturally healthier back then. Today, with the number of toxins and stress people are consuming and experiencing, it’s pretty understandable why the majority have an unhealthy lifestyle. Many things contribute to unhealthy living, and some main factors are the environment, food, and drinks we consume. Primarily, the food industry has grown to the point that most people eat at a fast-food chain rather than delicious home cooking; sadly, it contributes to many diseases we get today.

We usually hear the phrase, “you are what you eat,” and it can’t get any more accurate. Fortunately, people have adapted other forms to cope with the growing disease-filled world we live in today. One of them is by adding juicing to their diets; surprisingly, it also became popular with the younger generation. With the benefits everyone can get from juicing, plus the delicious recipes you can make, it’s no surprise that many people hopped onto the bandwagon.

Benefits of Juicing

Undoubtedly, juicing’s popularity was significantly beneficial for the majority. People could add healthy raw juices to their daily diet to get those much-needed nutrients and vitamins boost. But how exactly can we benefit from juicing?

  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyle: With how juicing presents itself to the masses, it’s no surprise that people quickly adapted to juicing. Not many people indeed are a fan of eating vegetables and fruits, especially our kiddos. But with juicing, we get to enjoy both the nutritional value of the juice and the delicious recipes they offer.
  • Nutrition Boosts: It’s fair to say that juicing is not the complete alternative for fruits and vegetables, but it can significantly help someone consume essential nutrients and vitamins. Having the right mix can already suffice the daily nutritional needs of our body.
  • Prevents Destroying of Nutrients: When we cook vegetables or fruits, we essentially destroying vital nutrients and minerals it contains, especially those heat-sensitive minerals. So, with juicing, you can maximize the nutritional value of the ingredients you’ll be using.
  • Helps Improving your Mood: With the vitamins and nutrients we are consuming, even from just one glass, your body will already say its appreciation by making your mood much better. 
  • Natural Energy Source: Juicing is one great alternative for energy drinks or other carbs-rich foods. You can relatively get reasonable amounts of natural energy from freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. This point would be recommendable so that you can change your source of energy.
  • Body Cleansing: Technically, your body already has the tools for cleaning, ergo, the liver and kidneys. But with the help of juicing, you are greatly helping the whole process out.
  • Aids Digestion: If you eat nothing but processed food and meats, your digestive would always be on the clock trying to digest all of that. So adding a juice diet would be beneficial from the vitamins and digestions, too! The fiber content that some juice mixes contain will immensely help the digesting process when you eat.
  • Natural Source of Antioxidants: The amounts of antioxidants that you can get from juicing fruits and vegetables will help your body prevent common diseases and illnesses today. To simply put it, antioxidants can limit the oxidation process of our cells, thus, preventing free radicals from building up inside our body.
  • Promotes Weight Loss!: If you’re planning to lose weight, it’s recommendable to add juicing to your diet. Not only you’ll get natural energy from it, but you’ll also be able to lose weight much more manageable. So, instead of feasting on those empty calories, whip yourself with a fresh juice.
  •  Helps Regulate Sugar and Cholesterol Levels: Though juicing could contain sugar due to the fruit mix, it balances out with the vegetables you’ll be adding. In reality, the correct juice mix will help regulate your sugar and cholesterol levels, thus being a rich diet for someone with hypertension or diabetes. You can also add a dash of black pepper to your drink to get the most out of the nutritional value.

Overall Wellness

It’s no joke that juicing is relatively healthy for most of us, but do remember that it can’t replace actual fruits and vegetables, plus you still need to eat reasonable amounts of meat. Juicing can only be part of your overall diet, and it would be best if you reach out to your family doctor or a nutritionist so they can give you professional advice on what you can and can’t do.