The Key Life Skills You Should Teach Your Children as a Parent

Children are wonderful creatures, and as they grow, you begin to picture how their futures would be. The time we live in now is quite different from the past. Technology has made some people get carried away and lose touch with what reality is.

As a parent myself, there are things you want your children to do on their own. You will not be around always but you would want to make sure they can take on whatever life throws at them.

Childcare Chifley says your child should be taught early on, the basics of first aid, discipline, and personal hygiene.

So, if you are a parent or looking forward to being one, here are vital life skills your child should be taught.

Looking after themselves

You should show them how to take good care of themselves as early as age 5. Telling your little ones to wash their hands before meals, returning their toys when they are done playing, putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and doing their laundry to teach them personal hygiene.

Applying first aid

Accidents happen and you may not be available to save the day. Therefore, your child should be able to apply first aid to a cut and also how to carry out CPR.

Make a living

As they grow, a time comes for them to become independent. Teach your child a sense of responsibility by emphasizing the importance of having a source of income. Even as you give them their allowances, they should know that you had to work to get them. So that in the future they don’t become freeloaders.

Smart spending

Teach them the difference between a “need” and a “want”. Necessities like food, toiletries, and some decent outfits are what you need because you can not do without them. But getting the latest model of a bag is something you want. So, educate them on why it is important to prioritize your spending.


Help your children get a piggy bank and encourage them to save up part of their allowances. They can get their favorite toys from the money and could always look forward to saving often afterward.

Cook a meal

As basic as it sounds, a lot of children do not know how to make simple meals themselves. You could start by teaching them simple kitchen skills like cutting up fruits under your supervision to avoid accidents. Then to make French toast and scrambled eggs. Until they can do so themselves. Make it fun-filled to keep them engaged, and encourage them to do better. This wouldn’t only teach your child a skill but also strengthen your bond.

Discipline and respect

This is a very broad area that covers virtually everything in life. You should instill in them the consequences of their actions and inactions. So also to respect those who deserve to be respected.

Equipping your child with core skills to deal with the challenges that life brings prepares them ahead better than when you don’t do anything at all.