The Ideal Fun VR Games That You Can Play With Your Kids

Virtual Reality (VR) games are becoming more and more popular by the day. New titles are getting announced now and then, leaving us wondering whether they will be fun or not. Virtual Reality has started to gain massive popularity thanks to its ability to make gamers feel like they are actually in the game itself. This is done through an advanced interface that completely immerses gamers in a different world. Some of the most popular VR games are those that allow you to be with your kids and spend quality time with them while having fun at the same time. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best VR games for kids that will entertain you both.

Virtual Rabbids Rollercoaster.

One of the best VR games for kids is the Virtual Rabbids Rollercoaster. This game allows you to enjoy a virtual roller coaster ride with your kids. It features everything that you would expect from a regular roller coaster, complete with moving seats, sharp turns, high speeds, and the wind blowing through your hair. The controls are smooth and easy to use while wearing your headset, making it perfect for younger children as well. You can enjoy this exceptional experience by visiting Jake’s Unlimited indoor amusement park that also features many other VR games for kids and adults alike. Virtual Rollercoasters are quite popular with kids, so make sure not to skip this one if you want to spend an unforgettable day with your kids.

Virtual Reality Bumper Cars

Another exceptional option for a full-family experience is the Virtual Reality Bumper Cars. This game takes you to an amusement park where you’re in charge of your very own bumper car. Just like in real life, bumping into other people while driving your car causes them to spin out, while not causing any damage to your vehicle. It features 360-degree views, meaning that no matter which direction you look at, you will see where you are going and what’s coming your way. The controls are easy to use and are perfectly designed for younger players as well. There are two different modes – one where you must stay inside the track and another free mode where anything goes. All in all, this is an amazing VR game for kids and adults alike, popular with all age groups.

Future Zombie Shooter VR Game

There are many amazing VR games out there that your kids can enjoy playing on their own, but sometimes it’s nice to have a game where you can both play together without requiring too much cooperation. One of the best options for this is called Future Zombie Shooter. This is an exciting shooting game in which you get to fight waves of zombies while defending yourself against them at the same time. The graphics are stunning and detailed, making it even better when wearing your VR headset. With over 30 levels of gameplay, this VR game will keep you entertained for hours. You get to pick up powerful weapons along the way that are designed to give you that extra edge in battle. This is a great VR game that you can play with your kids alone or with friends as well, giving you a full-fledged first-person shooter experience.

VR Karts: Sprint

If none of the aforementioned games seem like something that you and your kids would enjoy, we have another great alternative for you: Virtual Reality Karts. This is an exceptional game in which you get to drive a kart along various tracks while trying to avoid all kinds of obstacles on your way. You can play with your friends or by yourself as well, being responsible for setting the best times for each race. Your main goal is to simply race against other people without getting too distracted by everything else that’s going on around you. The graphics are crisp and smooth, making this virtual reality game very enjoyable even when not wearing your headset. It features over 30 different tracks so there are plenty of hours of fun ahead of you.


Another exceptional game that you can play with your kids is Robo Recall. This particular game lets you join the ranks of soldiers trying to save people from evil robots. You are armed to the teeth with pistols, shotguns, grenades, or by punching them directly in their faces. It features crisp graphics and very smooth controls that are easy to master even if you have never played a first-person shooter before. With over 20 missions for you to complete, Robo Recall will keep you entertained for hours on end. Your main goal is to simply shoot as many robots as possible while surviving each level’s obstacles along the way. Best played with other people, this VR game is perfect for both kids and adults alike.

To The Top

To conclude our list, we have another exciting adventure game called To The Top. This particular game is all about building your character’s skills so that you can climb up to the top of an enormous tower. There are many obstacles standing in your way, but armed with a grappling hook and some special abilities like invisibility, speed boost, and more, you should be able to make it. The controls are simple enough for even younger players to understand them without any issues whatsoever. With over 100 levels to climb up and tons of challenges awaiting you on each one of them, this is what gamers call an immersive full-package experience.

Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives

For those looking for something different than virtual reality games, we have prepared a special section for you: Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives. If you want to play with your kids something that is both fun and educational, this is without a doubt what you’ve been looking for. In this game, your main goal is simply to perform various jobs such as an office worker or a chef in hilarious ways. Your only limit here is your imagination. This VR game offers over 40 different job simulations that will keep you laughing while at the same time learning new things about some of mankind’s most common professions.

Job Simulator the 2050 Archives

The above-mentioned games are some of the finest Virtual Reality experiences that you can play with your kids. No matter which one you choose, we can guarantee you’ll have a blast. The best thing is that this is only the beginning of an entirely new era in gaming history and we can’t wait to see what else will come up as this technology evolves over time