The History of the Baby Shower

When we hear the phrase baby shower, we think of an event full of treats, sweet drinks, and gifts for baby and mom; however, that wasn’t always so. Back in the day, in Ancient Egypt and Greece, baby showers were also held, but they looked a lot different – there were no gifts presented to the mom, no pampering, and no toys for the newborn. In other words, it wasn’t a party – they simply treated it more of an acknowledgement that new life is about to enter their life.

The Victorian Age

During the Victorian age, baby showers still weren’t quite the celebration that women expect today. One interesting fact about this time period is that women kept their pregnancy a secret as long as they could, and even when it was acknowledged it was only in hushed whispers. With time (between 1800 and 1900), Victorian baby showers started to take on a more festive feel; they weren’t throwing parties that involved games and all sorts of necessities for the baby, but they did have a tea party to honor the mom and the child she was about to birth.

The baby boomer era

Baby showers as we know them today started around the 1940, when post-war women were expecting their newborn. This is the generation known as the Baby Boom generation. As time went on, the tradition evolved thanks to technological advancements, which really started to take off in the 60s and 70s. In other words, baby shower gifts were no longer as humble and simple as cloth diapers and binkies – electric baby swings had the stage now, and other battery powered goodies that were meant to make life easier for mom and her family.

The modern baby shower

Nowadays, baby showers are a real hoopla. From finger food, to baked goods, floral arrangements, and mom cocktails, modern women sure have it good compared to those who lived in ancient Greece. Games are also a big deal at modern baby showers. Moms usually pick up to 5 different games to entertain baby shower guests. Another interesting fact is that today, these events are not exclusive to women – more and more men are keen to attend the event, and the moms-to-be of course embrace this change as well.

Baby showers have certainly come a long way – from hushed whispers to celebrity-style parties. But there is one common theme that stood the test of time – love and appreciation for new life, and a community of women that were there for each other (in one way or another) to cherish the joy only a newborn can bring.