The Best Sneakers you can Buy for Less than 60 Euros

Are you in full change of shoemaker and want to renew your shoes at the best price? This post interests you! We have selected for you the best sneakers that you can buy online for less than 60 euros and combine them with any look.

Sports shoes, for several seasons, have become one of the most important elements of our daily outfit. What brand we carry, what style the sneakers are, the colors or the material will make a difference in your look. The latest street style trends have skyrocketed sales of men’s and women’s sneakers. In addition, it is such practical and versatile footwear that you can dress them for any type of occasion or plan: a casual meal, a meeting with friends or even for a modern office look.

At článok “” we have a large selection of fashion shoes for men and women and a wide range of prices. So that you can save on your purchase of sneakers, and continue to choose to take home footwear from the best brands and of great quality, in our last blog post we present a list of the best sneakers that you can buy for less than 60 euros. Do not miss it!

Nike Air Max

The Nike air max is a shoe that is inspired by tennis shoes from the 80s. Its design is elegant and casual with a retro touch. These white women’s sneakers are very easy to combine with any garment in your wardrobe. You can even wear them with a maxi dress or with a skirt and top. This Nike model heads our list of the best sneakers you can buy for less than 60 euros.  Also check out the air force 1 collection as well.

Puma carina lift

The Puma Carina Lift for women will give an original touch to your look. Its design is fresh, authentic and preserves the classic Puma DNA, with the identifying bands on the sides. These feminine sneakers have a unique base with a small platform that will make you climb a few inches. Do you dare with them? They can be yours for only € 59.99. See all Puma products here.

Vans Classic Slip On

The Classic Slip-On sneakers from Vans, with a daring design for your daily outfits, are low-top slip-on sneakers with finishes with a very skater look. They show off the unmistakable Checkerboard print, plaid, and the unmistakable waffle sole is perfect for skateboarding. If you are one of those who goes to work on a skateboard, these shoes are for you.

Skechers Bobs Squad Breeze Way

If you like to wear sneakers in summer, these Skechers sneakers for women are ideal for you. This season Skechers is committed to pastel colors and light tones to combine perfectly with your summer looks. These Bobs Squad sneakers from Skechers are very comfortable for day-to-day wear. They incorporate the comfortable Skechers Memory Foam insole for a cushioned footprint.

Adidas Run 60s 2.0

This adidas Run 60s 2.0 shoe for women is also inspired by running shoes. This more sporty silhouette is ideal for informal looks and for more relaxed occasions such as going for a coffee with friends or going out for a Sunday walk in your city. Its design is very durable as it has suede reinforcements. Ideal to wear throughout the year.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is iconic sneakers for generations. These unisex sneakers were created more than 100 years ago and are worn by artists, celebrities, politicians, and almost everyone has or has ever owned one.

Adidas Breaknet

These adidas Breaknet shoes for men give you comfort and sporty style. Be the king of the streets with these tennis shoe-inspired sneakers. They are low cut and will be perfect if you wear them with jeans or chinos. Ideal to wear on any occasion.

Tommy Jeans Iconic Long Lace

These Tommy Jeans Iconic Long Lace men’s sneakers are perfect for both going to the office and enjoying fun plans with friends. These low-cut, elegantly designed shoes go well with all the garments in your wardrobe. They are made of canvas and are available in various colors. A color for every day!

Nike Court Royale 2

These men’s shoes from the Nike brand are classic with a retro aesthetic. They are at a very good price, at € 54.99 and are made of leather. Its design is inspired by the tennis shoes of the 70s. They are perfect for your day to day and, being a timeless model, you can set style all year long.

Vans Old Skool Classic Sport Sneakers

The Vans Classic Sports Old Skool is a low-top lace-up that features durable canvas and suede uppers, reinforced toe caps to withstand repeated wear, padded collars for support and flexibility, and signature rubber waffle outsoles. This shoe was the first to bare the iconic side stripe and was the Vans classic skate shoe.

Adidas Men’s Hoop 2.0

These are shoes manufactured by a well-known brand (Adidas), which has a tradition of being worn in NBA games. This is a fantastic pair of classic shoes from the old school.

Budget Sneakers for Under 60 Euros: What to Consider

1. Fit

The proper fit is essential, but it’s also one of the aspects of how to buy sneakers that gets the least attention. Because a pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear and fits properly will last much longer than one that does not, it is important to spend some time trying on shoes in the store of your choice before making a purchase.

Check that the end of the shoe does not come close to touching your toes when you are trying on different pairs of shoes. The shoe is too big if it allows your foot to move around inside of it. You shouldn’t feel constrained when moving your feet from side to side or back and forth either. Both of these motions should be possible.

Blisters will form on the sides of your feet if your foot is too small for the shoe because the shoe will rub against the sides of your feet. If you have feet that are narrow or wide, you should try on shoes of varying widths to find a pair of shoes that fits you comfortably.

2. Support

When shopping for athletic sneakers, support is a must-have feature because it reduces the risk of injury during strenuous activities like running and jumping. During exercise, the impact that is placed on your joints and muscles can be lessened by wearing athletic sneakers that have shock absorption capabilities. This will make it less likely for you to sustain an injury while you are participating in sports or while you are out having fun all day with your friends running around town.

If you are looking for a shoe to wear around the house and town, then you probably won’t be engaging in any strenuous physical activity, so support may not be as important to you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy walking around or dabbling in a few different sports from time to time, then it is still a good idea to invest in a pair of shoes that incorporate some sort of support system.

3. Brand

There are hundreds of different brands available, each of which has its distinctive aesthetic in addition to a wide range of color options and different kinds of materials. Some brands are well-known for the quality of their products, while others are well known for their affordability or their distinctiveness.

Investigate which shoe brands would go best with the design of the new shoes you bought. It is recommended that you purchase sneakers from a reputable brand if you want something that will hold up well over time and will last a long time. Before settling on a particular brand, you need to think about the cost as well as the overall quality of each option.

4. Style

Are you looking for something more traditional or something more up-to-date? Do you want a pair that you can wear with anything that you already have in your closet, or do you want something more specialized? Before settling on a design, it is important to first consider how frequently you will wear the shoes and the purposes for which you will put them to use.

Do you need something to wear casually around the house, or are you looking for something more dressy? If all you need is a pair of shoes that are comfortable and versatile, then you can choose from any of the many different styles available. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that you will wear regularly, it is best to purchase ones that are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

5. Color

You are not required to limit yourself to a single shade. When combined with other articles of clothing like pants and shirts, a variety of colors can help make an outfit stand out or add an interesting twist to the ensemble.

If you aren’t sure what color to get, think about the clothes in your closet and how often you’ll be wearing the new pair of shoes. Will they complement everything you own? Do you want a pair of shoes that are more formal or something that you can wear on a more casual basis?

Maintain a consistent use of neutral colors such as black, brown, and navy blue. You don’t need to worry about matching them with other items in your wardrobe because they are versatile enough to be worn with virtually any ensemble without drawing too much attention to themselves.

6. Material

The kind of material that goes into the construction of a sneaker can have an impact on its longevity as well as other qualities, such as breathability, flexibility, and so on. For instance, leather sneakers tend to last longer than canvas ones, but they tend to be less flexible. This is in contrast to canvas sneakers, which tend to last longer than leather ones but are less durable than leather ones.

The question now is how you can determine which material is best suited for the style and function that you prefer. Choose leather for your next pair of sneakers if you want them to last you for a longer period. Canvas shoes are the best choice, however, if mobility is your primary concern because of the flexibility they provide.

7. Laces

Flat sneaker laces are by far the most common variety, but you can also find them in round and square configurations. However, because they take up more room in your shoe, round laces are not only more comfortable but also easier to tie. Flat laces are less flexible than other types of laces, but they are simpler to tie because an overhand knot is all that is required.

There are a variety of widths and lengths available for laces. Although laces with a wider width are more comfortable, they do not hold as securely and can be more easily untied. Narrower laces have a better hold and don’t sag as much when they’re loose, but in the long run, they’re less comfortable because when they’re too tight, they dig into your ankles.

8. Comfort

When choosing sneakers, comfort is another important consideration to make. The very last thing you want to do is fork over your hard-earned cash for a pair of shoes that are in no way cozy for your feet.

Make sure that the different brands and styles you are considering are comfortable enough for you to wear all day without experiencing any annoyance or other negative effects. It is in your best interest to purchase a pair of sneakers that offers the highest level of comfort possible so that your feet do not experience any discomfort after wearing them for an extended period.


It is possible to choose the best sneaker without breaking the bank. When choosing sneakers, there are a lot of things to consider. The list of sneakers above includes the best ones that you can buy for less than 60 euros.