The Best Dog Walking Accessories

Walking with your dog is most likely one of your favourite things to do! Dogs bring so much light and joy to our lives, and getting out there to drink in your surroundings with your very best and fluffiest friends is not only good for the both of you, it’s also one of the main ways that you show that mound of fur that you love them. Those amazing adventures that the two of you take together can be made all the more magical with the help of a few essential dog walking accessories, and once you have these, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without them, promise! Here are the best and most essential dog walking accessories for your next outing with your best friend…


Come on, every dog needs a collar, sure! But the right collar, that’s a very different thing. Finding the right dog collar is tricky, this is the accessory that your favourite furry friend is going to be wearing pretty much around the clock, after all. Look for a high quality make that fits them perfectly and has a safe, secure buckle closure as well as scratch resistant hardware to put a big tick in the quality box. Next, you’re going to want to focus on the pattern! The key when you’re shopping for styles is to keep an eye out for a collar that both reflects and amplifies your adorable dog’s perfect personality. Shopping according to their character will lead you to accessories that only add to those things that make your pup your favourite animal in the whole wide world. There are so many styles out there, so get hunting to find the right fit for your dog!


A leash is another no brainer but it is also a really easy one to get wrong. Again, the key here is to look out for a leash that is best suited to your dog’s breed and their walking tendencies. If they’re big, beautiful and love to pull then you’re going to want to look for a sturdy, shorter style that will give you maximum control. Maybe they’re more relaxed and like to sniff the finer things whilst you chill out in the park? If that’s the case then a looser, longer style will work best for the both of you.  Also be sure to check out Hero Braces as well.


Harnesses are the perfect thing for marrying together your dog walking accessories kit, they give you maximum control while also making sure that your dog is majorly comfortable and most importantly, safe. Your arms, neck and back will also be protected by a harness that gives you a great level of control, which really is suitable to all kinds of walkers, whether they are pullers or not!

Image via: Stylish Hound

Poop Bags

Cleaning up after your dog? Probably not your most favorite part of being a fur parent, but oh wow is it necessary. Keep an eye out for earth friendly, biodegradable poop bags to give back to the planet that you and your pup love to roam together.

Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle will keep that dog nice and hydrated, no matter how far the two of you are planning to roam. Make sure that you find an easy slide style to give your dog a healthy sip of water right when they need it and not a minute after, water is absolutely essential for everyone, remember.

With these essential dog walking accessories on your side, there’s nothing that you and your dog can’t do, together! Get shopping to find your favourite styles and fits, the right accessories will stick with you for all of those fun times to come.