The 4 Most Common Misunderstandings About How AC Works

At the most basic level, an Air Conditioner unit is designed to reduce the temperature of the air entering your home. This effectively cools your home and allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature even when it’s too hot outside.

However, while this is the basic premise, it is important to understand how the AC works as this will help to avoid expensive repair bills. It is better to pay an expert in industrial air conditioning to service your unit and identify issues early than it is to wait for the problem to become serious.

1. Heat Loading

It’s inevitable that a rising temperature outside will cause the temperature inside to rise. Although many people close all their doors and windows before going to work or to another engagement, the temperature inside your home will still rise and won’t be that much cooler than that outside your home.

After you have been out for hours you’ll activate the air conditioning to cool your home. Of course, because the temperature is similar inside and out it places a heavy strain on your AC unit.

This shortens the lifespan of your unit and will actually cost you more to cool your home than it will to simply leave the air conditioning running.

2. The Thermostat Is A Long Term Control

If you spin the dial on your thermostat this isn’t going to instantly change the temperature of the air coming out of your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioners work by sucking in air and removing approximately 15% of the heat. This air then mixes with the warm air in your property and is just a little cooler. The unit continues this cycle, gradually lowering the temperature of your home.

Turning the thermostat down will affect the end temperature, but it won’t affect the coldness of the air coming out of the unit or how long it takes to cool a space.

3. The Filter Needs Cleaning & Replacing

Your air conditioner has an air filter. At the basic level, this helps to remove debris from the air, improving the air quality in your house but it is mainly for the protection of pipes, coils, and vents. A lack of debris reduces the likelihood of them clogging and the system overheating.

Advanced filters are capable of blocking allergens and other items that can cause health issues.

In both cases, these filters are only effective if they are removed and cleaned regularly. They should also be replaced in keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions

4. The System Is Closed

You may be surprised at how many AC owners think that the system is open and can be refilled whenever needed. The truth is that an AC refrigerant system is closed. This is partly because it is more efficient this way and also because the liquid is harmful to the environment.

Therefore, if you discover a leak in your system you need to call the professionals, they have the experience and qualifications to deal with the issue for you.