Task Tracking Tools Can Reap Big Benefits

Task tracking tools help you ensure that you don’t miss any tasks pending to be done during the day. It can also be used to manage your personal tasks and the tasks of your team members. You can also get details on the tasks you and your team finish if you choose a task tracker within the task management tool.

Most task tracking tools come as part of larger task management software that includes time tracking, reporting capabilities, and even automation to help you remember any recurring tasks.

Almost all successful organizations have task management software because they know the value of adequately managing tasks. Using such task tracking tools can improve their delivery rate by a good percentage.

Benefits of Using Task Tracking Tools

1. Help Manage Everything From a Single Place

Task tracking tools allow you to integrate and manage all tools and activities from the same platform, using one account; hence there is no need to remember multiple usernames, passwords, URLs, etc. All of the projects and tasks can be easily accessed in one user-friendly platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you work on low priority tasks, to-do lists, or a large project, task tracking software will always help make things easier.

2. Better Communication

Communication and collaboration go hand in hand with task tracking software as it centralizes all your communication in one place. You can easily comment on your task and project, which allows you to communicate quickly with your teammates and clients without the need for lengthy email chains.

You can use tools like Workep, which even integrates with Slack to deliver project updates directly to selected Slack channels, ensuring that everyone is up to date on what’s important to them. Furthermore, you can leave voice notes on tasks to convey more humanly – valuable when insufficient text.

3. Help Prioritize Tasks

It might appear simple to know which tasks are more critical than others, but when you have a lot of work to do, the chances of getting lost in the process are higher. You start your working day in the morning and somehow become lost in completing minor, low-priority tasks, leaving the more important ones for another day.

Poor task management can lead to missed deadlines or not getting the job done correctly. Task tracking enables you to prioritize your tasks and complete the most important ones as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. Better Collaboration With Team

You probably know that marketing requires a collaborative effort, so no person can do it alone. Team collaboration becomes much easier with a task tracking tool.

You can discuss different tasks, come up with creative ideas or various topics, make real-time task updates with your team, and never lose sight of the critical idea. The best part is that you can always go back and review the stored ideas and information whenever you want.

5. Help Share the Workload

Managing a group of ten or more people is quite a difficult task as you will need to keep track of each person’s workload to know when to assign more tasks to a specific person and when to delegate some tasks to others.

There may be times when an employee is assigned so many tasks at once that it is simply impossible to complete everything on time while maintaining high quality. In this case, you can use the software to keep track of all the assigned tasks and distribute the workload wisely.

6. Remove Geographic Barriers

If you are an international organization or some of your team members are out of the country or out of the office and something urgent needs to be delivered ASAP, task tracking tools are for you. They allow you to eliminate all these issues by putting everyone on the same page about each task, providing real-time updates and changes.

You don’t have to wait a day or two for a teammate to return to the office and update the task online.

7. Help in Managing Deadlines

When you have a ton of tasks to do, you most likely get lost in the process. It is not a surprise that you may miss deadlines due to the lack of time, ineffective management, or simply forgetting to do it. You can significantly reduce the risk by allowing your team to set reminders and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks when using the task tracking software.

8. Help in Keeping Track of Time

Task tracking tools help you track each employee’s time spent on a task in minutes and hours. With this information, you can determine which assignments require more time than usual and plan your next similar project accordingly.

It’s also a very helpful tool for checking the productivity of the employees. For instance, if one of your employees takes significantly longer to complete a task than another, you may want to consider reassigning tasks to maximize productivity.

9. Centralized Sharing of Documents

Collaboration and communication rely heavily on document and file sharing. When using project management software to centralize your file sharing, finding what you want to work on each task and project is much easier.

10. Better Budget Management

A good task tracking and management tool will also enable you to track your budget within the platform, removing the need to manually log expenses in spreadsheets or use other apps with different UIs.

For example, Workep allows you to log expenses within tasks, attach invoices, and even integrate them with the time tracker. By assigning an hourly value to each team member, you can add up the time spent in real-time whenever someone works on a task.

11. Save Time On Follow-Ups

When you assign work to someone, it is important to follow up, check the progress, and determine whether the tasks are being completed smoothly on time and the deadlines are being met. Each of these follow-ups takes time, and you must remember to do each one.

But luckily, because of the task tracking tool, you won’t have to worry about manually following up. After creating and giving a task to an employee, the software will handle everything. You can easily track the progress because the tasks are updated in real-time.

12. Ability to Access Anytime and Anywhere

If you want to continue working even when you are outside or on weekends but have forgotten some important notes or information, you will have to go back and get them. The task tracking software allows you to access your database from any device, and all you need is an internet connection.

13. Result in Client Satisfaction

When you get all the mentioned benefits of the task tracking tools, your chances of completing projects on time, under budget, and exceeding clients’ expectations also increase significantly. As a result, the business relationship with the client will thrive, resulting in more business opportunities for all the parties involved.

Task Tracking Tools – Worth It?

Keeping in view everything we’ve stated earlier, let’s sum up the topic in a few words: higher customer satisfaction, increased profits, and better task distribution. These are compelling enough reasons to make you adopt and use task tracking tools in your organization.

While it might take some time for employees to become accustomed to using task tracking software, it is still an excellent long-term investment.

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