Surprise Your Family With These Awesome Gift Ideas

Does there need to be a special occasion to give a gift? No, not at all! But it’s especially understandable when there’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, first communion, or baby shower celebration coming up. And for such events, the gift-giving is usually focused on one individual. It’s a more personalized display of appreciation. Sometimes though, you want to do something for the entire family. A collective surprise can mean tons more smiles and fun.

Turn Up The Cuteness

There is no better way to completely thrill your little ones and horrify, in the best way, your teenagers but with matching pajamas. Picture it, it’s Christmas eve, everyone’s sitting around the tree singing carols all while dressed in the most adorable PJs.

Or it could well be the fourth of July and the true patriot in you calls for a matching set designed with the American flag. Whatever the reason or the theme, there is a set of PJs ready and waiting for the entire family to get cozy with and have a good time. Imagine the laughs that would erupt at cooky phrases and the amazing photos that would be snapped. Those memories will stay with you forever. This could become your new family tradition!

Being part of a large family you may be concerned about just how much this endeavor might cost you. Utilize the family matching planner tool to give you the exact cost and help you budget correctly.

Who Doesn’t Like Board Games?

Who Doesn’t Like Board Games

This is such a wholesome way to spend time together as a family. Whip out the monopoly to build the entrepreneur spirit, scrabble to activate the Einstein, chess to up strategy skills, or the speak out game to simply have a good ole laugh. Games have a special way of easing tension and drawing families closer in a spirit of togetherness. Hours will fly by without anyone even realizing it. Teach the children good sportsmanship when losing and hype them up when they do well and win.

End The Best Pie Debate

Pleasing every member of the family when it comes to food can be difficult and frustrating. You plan on baking one pie, not separately both a cherry and an apple pie but everyone cannot come to a consensus. You really don’t want to disappoint anybody. Well, now, you don’t have to. Save money and save the day with a split-decision pie pan. Bake two different pies effortlessly in the same pan. If you know of another family who would benefit from this pie pan, gift it to them! One less thing to worry about for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays. No long faces, just happy and satisfied stomachs.

Pump Up The Sound

Now normally, having to subject yourself to listening to your children’s crooning from the shower, or their rooms might be rough. But when it comes to singing together for a singular purpose of fun that everyone can get behind, it’s totally worth it. What’s better than your very own karaoke machine for impromptu or planned karaoke nights?

Choose your music beforehand or open song selections to the performers. Encourage everyone to dress up and really take this grand event like the concert of the century. Get your video camera out, this is not a show you want to miss. This will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Pizza For The Win

As one of the most beloved foods, pizza ranks high on the list of wants and needs of children. If you know that pertains to your brood, why not surprise them with their very own pizza oven? This way you can all get creative with making your unique pizza pies. Take suggestions, buy the ingredients, and set aside time for a family pizza-making and baking. The work of your own hands has a special tastiness attached. Maybe you’ve suggested a games night or karaoke night and got turned down. A no to pizza though? Highly doubtful. This for sure is destined to be a slam dunk.

You never know, this pizza-making could spill out into other cooking ventures and before you know it you’ve cultivated a new love for the art of cooking in your children, reducing the responsibility on yourself. Win-Win.

Family surprises are great. They have the ability to slow down time and create occasions for bonding in this busy world we all live in. Whatever gift fosters a greater sense of love, fun, and belonging should be considered whether or not there’s a special holiday or celebration. Any time is good for gift giving.