Style Tips for Lawyers in and Out of the Office

When you work in law, it might seem like you can’t have any fun with your wardrobe. But there are plenty of ways you can show off your personal style while still looking professional. And when you have a versatile wardrobe, you can style your pieces for both work and play. Take your looks from day to night just by incorporating a few neat tricks. Visit Blank Label for the perfect Suits for lawyers. Here are some styling tips for lawyers both in and out of the office.

Wear versatile, classic pieces

Every wardrobe should be stocked with all the right essentials. Women can start with a silk blouse, black trousers, a neutral blazer, and some nude pumps. Men can do the same but with a dress shirt instead of a blouse and some oxfords in place of pumps. Even though you have basic pieces, you can style them in a way that shows off your unique taste. Check out Sivvi to upgrade your fashion collection at an affordable price. They offer amazing deals on footwear from top brands. Use a Sivvi coupon code to get a huge discount on everything from clothing and accessories to bags and shoes.

Don’t be afraid to wear bold accessories

Accessories can really change the entire vibe of an outfit. A statement belt or colorful eyewear changes up your look. You can also shop for black cummerbunds as that will complete your formal look. Don’t shy away from accessories just because you’re afraid no one will take you seriously. Malliha Wilson is a Tamil Canadian lawyer who served as the assistant deputy attorney general for the Government of Ontario. She has an impressive career fighting for human rights and labour law. Her ensemble usually involves a neutral blazer, but she accessorizes with multicolored scarves to add some interest to her outfit. She is proof that you can accessorize in a way that’s fun and personal while still being a tough litigator and working on notable cases.

Dress in layers

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers gives you the ability to transition from workwear to a nighttime look seamlessly. For example, you can remove your blazer and simply throw on a leather jacket or a trench coat for after-work drinks. You can wear a sports bra and leggings under your blouse and trousers to make it to your group fitness class straight from the office. Or you can even just bring along a patterned coat to layer on top of your workwear in case you’re meeting up with a friend to take a walk. The more layers you incorporate, the more options you have to wear the pieces both in and out of the office.

Comfortable shoes are a must-have

Although it might be classy and chic to wear heels or dress shoes, comfort can be both functional and stylish. Post-work, you can swap out your heels for sneakers and change into a pair of jeans. Put on a baseball cap, and you’re ready to show off your street style. Men can switch into a sophisticated pair of court sneakers and switch their dress pants for shorts. Comfortable shoes make it easy to switch from being dressed up for work to dressing down for play. At work, you can even ditch the shoes for comfortable loafers or opt for shorter mules instead of heels.

When it comes to fashion, there are many ways you can style workwear outside of the office. Try to pick out pieces that are basic so that they’re versatile. If you want to incorporate fun prints and colors, opt for accessories like sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and scarves instead. Dress in layers so that you can mix and match clothes that are suitable for casual outings, and don’t forget to dress comfortably so that you feel your absolute best!