Some Of The Most Beautiful Islands In The World That Are Worth Your Visit

Sometimes you just want to get away. Literally. Somewhere that’s hard to get to where you can completely relax and let yourself refresh. Somewhere far away from your regular life and obligations. Many travelers find the experience of visiting an island to be quite helpful in cultivating this atmosphere. The following will explore some of the most beautiful island-based travel destinations in the world.

For A Beachy Haven, Try Oahu

Of the islands that make up Hawaii, Oahu is the most commonly visited, and for a good reason. Ocean kayaking trips and swimming with dolphins are two of our favorite things to do on the island. For the adventurous, there’s diving with sharks and ziplining. Of course, the beaches are serene and the water clear, and you can easily spend days lounging with a good book and a cool drink in one of the most beautiful places on earth. As well, Polynesian culture permeates this tropical, paradisial travel destination, meaning there are lots of things to learn and experience besides beaches.

Just be sure that the sunscreen you bring isn’t the sort that damages marine life. Some ingredients can cause massive harm to the ocean, and there is an effort to switch to safer versions of sunblock. Particularly in travel destinations, the problem of toxic sunscreen is wreaking havoc on local wildlife.

For Stunning Architecture And Epic History, Visit Santorini

You probably already have an image of Santorini in your mind without knowing it. It’s filled with what’s called Cycladic architecture, which are those stunning, whitewashed buildings with blue-domed rooftops. The archipelago is filled with islands that include beaches galore, as well as mind-blowing archaeological sites that resulted from the area’s volcanic history. The food and wine are also stellar.

For Enchanting Countrysides And Friendly Folks, Consider Ireland

Ireland is one of the bigger islands on this list, but it makes for an excellent travel destination. Charming village after charming village, castles, evergreen hills, valleys, oceanside cliffs, cozy pubs, and picturesque old cities await. This is also an excellent location to take children. Consider renting a car and going your own pace through the gorgeous landscape.

For Rugged Adventure And Unreal Natural Phenomena, Try Iceland

Iceland is another one of the bigger islands on this list. For anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, this one is a must. Hang out in geothermal pools, study the northern lights, visit volcanoes, have the sound of the world numbed by the crashing of volcanoes, hike through landscapes so unique that you might feel like you’re in a science fiction movie on another planet in the national parks. Once you’ve exhausted yourself and refreshed your mind, have a drink and cozy meal amid Icelandic café culture.

The above list contains only a few of the spectacular islands that exist on Earth. When deciding where to travel, you can narrow down your selection first by price range (look up the average cost per day in your own currency). Second, you might want to look at whether you’re leaning towards countryside or city travel. And, of course, if you’re traveling with friends or family, be sure to get their input as well.