Small Kitchen Appliances Every Home Cook Should Have

If you want to be a great cook, you need the right tools of the trade. While it is true that having the best equipment will not suddenly make you a Michelin-star cook, it will help you immensely. Finding the right small kitchen appliances online is just one step in the process.

There are always must-have appliances and there is plenty that you could gloss over while shopping for that new device you desperately need. Here are some possible small appliances that you need to include in your kitchen to improve your cooking efforts.


Juicers might not seem like a necessary appliance, but they are definitely one that you will love to own after just a few uses. Being able to create amazingly healthy smoothies and puree your food into the finest possible texture is going to change how you imagine your healthy food efforts. Investing in a juicer is an investment in your health.

Electric Griddle

If you ever wanted to have multiple surfaces on the go for a delicious breakfast, you know that space is at a premium. The appliance experts at show how valuable an electric griddle could be, especially for breakfast lovers. The ease of cooking pancakes or smaller food items all at once without taking up too much space is definitely a bonus to having this appliance in your kitchen.

Bullet Blender

Traditional blenders are big, bulky, noisy, and expensive, so you need to downsize. Downsizing to a bullet blender or similar style personal blending appliances helps shore up space in your cupboard without compromising on capability. These blenders often come with personal cups that you use as the cover so it converts into a cup for your use. This helps save on dishes, but most importantly, your smoothie is good to go immediately.

Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide is a fancy French term for vacuum cooking, essentially. What you do is you cook food, usually, meats, in warm water at a precise temperature with the air vacuumed out. This helps cook the meat to a specific point to preserve flavor. These devices are not common which makes it a perfect accessory in your kitchen to provide guests with a unique experience when you have them over for a dinner party.

Electric Wine Opener

Everyone has a wine opener in their kitchen, but why not jazz it up a bit and really make this task easy. Electric wine openers are not just useful for those tricky corked bottles that are old and difficult, they can be useful for cutting the foil wrapping on certain bottles too. They are cheap, last long on a charge, and they take the difficulty out of opening bottles, which makes your evenings more enjoyable instead of fumbling to get your favorite red open.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Do you enjoy coffee but are tired of spending the money at cafes for quality brews? A cold brew coffee maker might be the way to experience the real barista-style coffee without spending the money. Cold brew is not the hardest type of coffee to make, but it is also hard to do without the right equipment. So this little appliance can come in handy for those mornings when you just want a fine cup of coffee.

Waffle Iron

For a similar reason to the electric griddle, you want to make breakfast the easiest meal of the day to prepare. Waffles are a luxury because of how intricate they are to make. With a waffle iron, you can bypass any of that difficulty and press your own tasty morning treats with ease. Simply pour batter into the mold, then clamp it down on the requested heat. Little mess, little fuss, but some quality breakfast delicacies for all.

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Instead of opting for a huge mixing machine, you could always scale it down to make it more appropriate for your kitchen. Hand mixers provide the perfect level of usability without covering your kitchen counter space. These mixers have a variety of settings to do the job that a full-sized bowl mixer gives, but they are much more versatile in comparison.

Being the best cook does not mean having every appliance under the sun in your kitchen, but you do need the right ones to make your cooking efforts easier. This list contains eight different, and unique, appliances that are all small enough to keep your kitchen from overcrowding, but good enough to provide the right usefulness. Consider adding these to your arsenal for a well-rounded set of kitchen tools.