Simple Home Improvements You’ll Love

If you own your own house, you will probably want to improve it as much as you can while you live there. If you rent an apartment or a house instead, you likely won’t want to make any major changes. Even if you want to paint or do something similar, you’ll need a landlord’s permission, so it’s probably not worth it.

Once you’ve bought a home, though, you can take as long as you want to modify it so you’ll be as comfortable there as possible. Let’s look at some improvements you can make that you’re sure to love.

You Can Install Some New Cabinets Wherever You Need Them

Storage space matters a lot for homeowners. Whether you want enough closet space, room for sporting goods, space for canned goods you bought at Costco or Sam’s Club, etc., you’ll probably want to install some additional storage areas if you don’t feel like you have enough.

You’ll first need to look into where you have the space to do that. For instance, maybe there’s room in your kitchen for some additional cabinets where you can store your pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. You might want cabinets for pasta, bulk flour, spices, rice, and other dry goods.

Buying cabinets wholesale can save you money, but unless you own a mansion, you probably don’t need that many. The best thing you may do is to wait for furniture store sales that happen around the holidays. When you see those sales, get the right-sized cabinets you can install wherever you need them.

If you do not have room in your kitchen for new cabinets, you might install them down in the basement. Make sure you measure the dimensions and get the right-sized ones before you buy.

Turn Your Half Bath into a Full

Maybe you move into a house with a full bathroom and a half bath. A half bath has a toilet but no shower or tub. You might consider spending money to turn the half bath into a full one.

If you do so, you can improve the home’s resale value. Many would-be homeowners want at least two full baths, or they won’t consider buying the house.

Also, you should enjoy having two full bathrooms if you have a decent-sized family. For instance, maybe you have a spouse and a couple of kids. If so, having a single shower or bathtub is probably not ideal for all four of you. You should find the expenditure worth it to turn the half bath into a full.

Enclose Your Property with a Fence

Find a fence repair companies near me and add a fence at the property line if you don’t have one yet. Many would-be homeowners look for houses with yards, but then, if you find one, it won’t have a fence around it yet. Maybe you are okay with that, but if you have young children or a dog and live on a busy street, you might worry about traffic.

You can fix that problem by adding a fence. You can fence in the front yard, the backyard, or both. You can add a simple chain-link fence if you like. That option won’t cost you very much, though most people don’t think it’s the most attractive option.

If you have more to spend, you might get a wooden fence instead of chain link. Though those cost more, a solid wooden fence increases your home’s resale value and makes it stand out from the surrounding houses.

You Can Add Some New Lighting and a Kitchen Island

When you improve your home, you might focus on the kitchen. If you like to entertain and cook, you won’t want an outdated kitchen with dreary paint colors or obsolete appliances.

You can improve a kitchen in many different ways. You can get new appliances like a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator if you have old ones that don’t work as well.

You might also get rid of older-style panel lighting and install an updated overhead light. An attractive light fixture isn’t that expensive, and you can find some nice brass or copper ones at Home Depot or Lowes.

You might also add a kitchen island if there’s room for it. You can use it for food prep or put some stools around it where you can relax and sip a glass of wine with guests if you have anyone over. Your kitchen can be your home’s centerpiece, and you can fill it with delectable cooking smells.