Simple DIY Home furniture ideas

DIY furniture ideas might seem like more of an annoyance than a convenience, but they are completely manageable and fun to do. A variety of different furniture pieces can be created to be beautiful home decor items that will last a long time. You don’t need to be great at crafting to make the DIY home furniture ideas below.


Building a bookshelf might seem like a challenging task for someone whose just starting out with DIY furniture projects. The benefits of building one yourself are that it will cost a small fraction of the amount an actual bookshelf is and will still look just as great. Also, a bookshelf can double as extra shelf space in general for anything you need to shelve.

Ledge Shelves

Ledge shelves can easily be built because the only materials needed are a few pieces of wood and some nails. In a few short hours, you can create beautiful shelves for photos and other random things you like to have up around your house. These ledge shelves are so easy to make because they can just be pieces of finished wood that are screwed or placed onto your walls. As long as they are straight, it can be a very simple project that is completed in a day.

Japanese Kotatsu Table

Crafting a Japanese Kotatsu table by yourself isn’t as daunting of a task that you might think. However, you will need a few different items to get the job done. First, you’re going to need a coffee table. The legs of the table need to be at least 15” tall. Second, a heating source is needed. A kotatsu heater can be found online or at certain stores. You could try using a space heater, but it’s not recommended. Third, a heavy blanket is required to make the table, it should be either a king or queen size blanket and needs to be thick. The last materials you need are screws, an electric drill, four L brackets a 500W transformer that connects to a 100V outlet. Yes, there are a lot of materials needed to construct one of these kinds of tables, but it will be well worth it when you have your own Japanese heated table at a reduced price.

Shoe Cubby

Making a shoe cubby is a great way to house all of your pairs of shoes that you don’t know where to put. It’s a cost-effective way to save space and it’s extremely easy to build. One huge benefit to building your own shoe cubby is that you get to decide how big it is and how many shoes it can hold. It can be tailored to fit your exact specifications for what space it can fill and how many pairs of shoes it holds. This is unique compared to if you were to buy the shoe cubby from a store and you’re forced to get one that is a specific size and holds only a certain number of shoes.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential item that can be crafted within a day because there aren’t too many components necessary to make it. Depending on the style of coffee table you intend on making, it can give you a lot of surface area without using a lot of materials. Make sure you research what kind of coffee table will fit your space and match your style of arrangement before making one. No matter the style, it still should only consist of a few different materials and will be at a reduced price compared to purchasing one from a store.

End Table

Making an end table can be easily done by a beginner because it isn’t that big in size and doesn’t require many materials. Depending on the size and style of end table you decide to make, you can save a significant amount of money and it will only take a small amount of time to complete. It’s one of the easier DIY ideas that can be researched and created within a day.


Similar to an end table, crafting a nightstand can also be done quickly because they don’t require many materials and they can be created in a variety of styles and designs to fit your needs. Doing research can help to pick the perfect nightstand for the area that you need it. It’s a great beginner woodworking project that can be made without spending much money.