Should You Repair or Replace a Circuit Breaker Panel

When your circuit panel starts to develop problems you’ll need to decide whether it can be repaired or replaced. There are several factors you will need to consider while deciding this.

However, before you look at the circuit breaker panel and decide what to do, you should note that Australian electrical regulations are very strict. In most cases, you are going to need a qualified electrician Sydney to do the work for you.

To help you and your electrician decide you should consider the following:

Age Of Panel

Experts state that the average circuit panel will last for 25 years. Of course, some last less, and others last longer. But, that does mean you need to ask how old your circuit breaker panel is.

If it is around the 25-year mark then the better option is to replace the panel. Even if everything else is working fine this is likely a sign that it will all start going wrong.

What the Issue Is

Another thing to consider is what has gone wrong with the panel. There is a big difference between one breaker tripping because of a faulty appliance and all the breakers tripping at various different times.

Identifying the issue can help you to decide if the circuit breaker panel is reaching the end of its life or not. That will certainly guide your decision.

Professional Opinion

As mentioned, any repairs on the circuit breaker panel should be completed by a qualified electrician. If they are not, they will be illegal, potentially causing you issues with the law. In addition, if you encounter issues in your home they may not be covered by your electrical insurance when they realize you have done the work yourself.

If you have a professional-looking at your circuit panel then ask their opinion. However, if you have never used them before and they tell you the more expensive option of a replacement, you should get a second opinion to see if they concur.


Finally, you need to think about the funds you have available. It is generally significantly cheaper to repair a panel than it is to replace it. If your funds are low and the panel can last a little longer then get the repair done and start budgeting for a replacement.

Things starting to go wrong with your panel are a sign that it needs to be replaced but it doesn’t mean it will stop working overnight

Find out the cost of replacing the panel and start putting money aside. In the meantime, be gentle with your demands from the panel. It will help it to last longer.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate decision is yours. However, you should remember that the longer an old panel is left the more likely it is to cause a serious issue, such as a fire. Electrical panels are often out of sight and out of mind but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Take your time deciding whether to repair or replace, it’s a big decision.