Shield Republic Co: American Wear

Shield Republic Co is an innovative company, especially adept at understanding each customer’s specific needs and designing attractive custom displays to meet those needs. Our creative use of materials and space has continuously produced higher sales per square foot while reducing display costs.

Work hard and play harder in athletic & conservative party apparel that fits perfectly! From the joy of running to the rigors in the gym to just plain hanging out with your friends, our flag-themed apparel has the right look just for you. We pick and choose the best selections for style, comfort, utility, and value. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and patriotic workwear products available in America today.

As a family-owned-and-operated company, we are dedicated to excellent service. Our customers describe us as ‘easy to do business with’ and ‘responsive.’ In an industry dominated by huge, publicly owned firms, we feel that our niche is being large enough to deliver service to you while being small enough to care.

Our company is dedicated to the customer because customer satisfaction is the basis of every successful business. For nearly years, metropolitan area businesses have depended on us for providing high-quality service in building branded products. Our excellent networking system enables us to offer our clients high-quality clothing from American brands. We will give you the best service, we offer good quality products and a favorable price. We are your best choice.

You can place your order with one of the methods below 

1. Order on the website

Step 1: Click ‘order’.

Step2: Select products Kind, Enter the Size, Enter the quantity you want to order.

Step 3: If you finish your order, and want to submit the order, choose ‘confirm order’.if you want to continue shopping, choose ‘close’, then choose again, do from step 1 again.

Step 4: After you submit the order, please fill the form(don’t forget to write your name, address, email, country, phone), and then click ‘send order’, the system will send you your order with email, we will contact you asap.

2.Order with email

Step 1: Make a file(.doc .xls or .text),write the products ID(name),the size,the quantity that you want.

Step 2: Send an email, attach this file, tell me your name, address, country, phone number etc.after we receive the email, we will give you a response asap.


At the Shield Republic, we offer you a great way to get custom coffee mugs adorned with the beautiful American flag on it. Personalized coffee mugs can be easily created on your own, or you can find a personalization service online that will do it for you.

You may want to take up the process of designing your mug. These are that much better when you take the time to jazz them up on your own. Photos can be on many mug designs, allowing you to give the ultimate in personalization. These are easy to order right online and delivered to you quickly.

There are other ways to design personalized coffee mugs, too. You may want to consider getting your business’s logo placed on them. Sell them to repeat customers for even more incentive to come back.

Personalized coffee mugs have a design to be fun, interesting, and unique. Take a few minutes to determine the best way to give this type of gift to your loved ones, to your customers, or even just to yourself. Why not enjoy your coffee in a mug you have designed.

“Display and protect your hat with style!”

We have always loved wearing hats and we also wear some very cool looking helmets. If they are not properly stored, they lose their shape and effectiveness. Most of the hat stands seen are either too clumsy or just not appealing. So, we have created our own! Each hat stand is unique in its way. Each is made from 80% vintage material. Some are made for hats and wigs, others are more durable and can beautifully hold a helmet (motorcycle, army, navy, marine, poise, etc.).

Welcome to Shield Republic Promats Online!

Shield Republic Promats provides its businesses with the benefits of a simple and time-honored concept … advertising placemats are an inexpensive, consumer-targeted, friendly way for businesses to put their name and product right in front of local buyers every single day. Our advertising placemats are attractive and eye-catching and guaranteed to be read over and over again. Our special historic series placemats have become so popular that customers often ask for extra copies to take home – increasing the exposure time for advertisers.

For over years, Shield Republic Promats is proud to offer regional businesses one of the most valuable and yet inexpensive forms of local promotion available in this competitive marketplace. Advertising placemats in popular local restaurants have long been proven to be one of the single most cost-effective means of keeping your business name in front of your local customers…and isn’t that right where you want it??

Our vast experience in this industry, together with a strong customer-oriented attitude towards service, means you can rely on getting the best pricing, the best quality, and the best delivery every time…guaranteed!