Self-Care Tips for Homeschooling Moms

It’s not unusual to hear homeschool moms getting stressed, burnt out, or who feels they aren’t doing. No wonder, as juggling responsibilities on your child’s education, family, home, and other life’s demands can be a daunting task, leaving you no time to prioritize self-care. While you always want to give your best, you cannot pour something from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself first before you can do it for everyone else. So, remind yourself that you are equally as important, and check out these practical and guilt-free self-care tips for some inspiration!

Wake up before your kids do

Not everyone is a morning person and of course, sleep is pretty important, but waking up early a few times a week can uplift your mood and rejuvenate your spirit. Doing it an hour or so provides you time to browse through your phone, sip a good coffee, write things in your journal, or pamper yourself in a warm bath. That short period of solitude helps you prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can take on all the activities set for the day.

Prioritize your basic needs first

No one can contest the purity of a mother’s love, often sacrificing herself to give everything to their children. However, remember that you cannot provide something you lack within yourself. It’s only when your needs are met when you will be able to fulfill the needs of others. Are you feeling hungry in the middle of a lesson? Go get a 15-minute break and have a snack. Do you feel sweaty and itchy? Take a shower and refresh yourself. Fulfill your needs first and you’ll be surprised how it’s easier to take care of your family afterward.

Do things you love or enjoy

When was the last time you’ve watched your favorite Netflix series or read a chapter from your favorite book? If you haven’t done so for a long time, get your schedule and allot time when you can do so. You may have lots of other responsibilities, from doing the laundry, checking the curriculum, cooking, or cleaning the house, but never compromise doing the things you love or enjoy. Value whatever makes you happy as that helps keep you engaged and motivated. When you feel good about yourself, you can deal with whatever may come with a positive mindset.

Learn new things

Aside from doing the things you already love, it’s also vital to learn new things or find new activities that may interest you. It can be from simply learning a different recipe, listening to podcasts, gaining a new skill related to work, and growing a garden. New learning, skills, or tasks can provide a sense of fun and optimism. Plus, the fulfillment of accomplishing them will certainly boost your self-esteem and nurture your growth as a person.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is arguably one of the hardest tasks for moms, especially that moms don’t like hurting the feelings of their children. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with setting limits. If you have an important work activity to do, talk to your children that you’re not available at a certain time and let your spouse take care of your kids. Are you cooking a complicated dish? Might as well inform your little ones to keep out the kitchen for an hour, find them something to keep them occupied, and let them know that they’ll have a delectable meal for dinner. Soon, they’ll know their boundaries, and allow you to have time for yourself and do things all intended for everyone’s betterment.

Spend time with your friends

Find time to talk to your friends, no matter how busy your schedule is. Your friends can be your great allies amidst your homeschooling journey. Often, you just need to release whatever it is your carrying within. While your friends may not be able to solve your problems immediately, they are there to listen and provide valuable advice you might have not thought of alone. Yet, all engagement doesn’t need to be serious. Relacing with them in a spa, going on a shopping spree, or joining them on yoga sessions are often enough to make things feel lighter.

Give your kids responsibilities

One common mistake moms do is taking all responsibilities, but remember that even superheroes can’t save everyone. Accept the fact that you cannot do it alone and that you can make use of any little help that is available. If there are tasks available you can entrust your kids to do, then go for it. It can be from picking up their toys and placing them in the box to refilling the water bowl of your puppy, or wiping down tables and surfaces. As they grow, you can assign them more complicated activities, such as folding the laundry, taking out the garbage, or washing the dishes. While you lessen your tasks, what’s great is that you also teach them how to be responsible and learn things they can use later in life.

Take care of your health

Health is something that homeschooling moms tend to neglect the most. Be mindful that your health is important as there would be no one to steer the ship in case that you get sick or down with an illness. Taking care of health doesn’t need fancy things to work. Follow a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink more water to hydrate yourself. Exercise to keep your body fit and take good amounts of sleep. All that is enough to keep your body healthy and keep you going.


As a homeschooling mom, you rightfully deserve your “me” time. So, make it a point that you prioritize self-care. It’s only through that you will have enough fuel to take care of your family and provide the education your children need.