Sediment Water Filters Guide

Hydrating safely ranks among the top everyday practices that ensure a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, as a result of pollution, households cannot be sure what they are consuming from their glasses is toxin-free.

Soil erosion, rain, and human activities may dislodge dirt into clean water, compromising its quality. The harmful sediments then flow from rivers, lakes, and wells and into our homes. Among the various tactics you can use to protect your family, string water filters are among the most effective lines of defense against consuming dirt particles.

This is a sediment filter guide that explains in-depth what they are, how they work, and the types of debris they remove.

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What is a sediment filter?

This is a decontamination cartridge that holds back insoluble substances, preventing them from making their way through your faucets. The particles it can eliminate include but are not limited to sand, soil particles, metal shavings, tiny sticks, rocks, and rust flecks.

True to their name, these types of cartridges will only work with particulate matter. If you aim to get rid of chemicals, gases, and other soluble substances, you must pair them with other purification systems for optimal results.

How do sediment filters work?

Mechanical filtration is the name of the game!

This is a process that involves restricting suspended solids from accessing your main water line or faucets, improving its quality. The media used in its manufacture will only allow fluids to go through, leaving debris trapped.

Basically, it leverages a working mechanism similar to a sieve.

So, how is fine sediment filtered out of drinking water?

With the various sediment filter types available in the market, consumers can now experience enhanced purification capabilities. Depth filters are particularly a loved option as treatment happens in stages, purification becoming tighter as fluids flow deeper into the cartridge. As a result, they produce better liquid clarity compared to surface cartridges.

However, if you choose the latter, go for the pleated options, as they offer a larger surface for more particle-holding capacity.

What does a sediment filter remove?

Now that we have answered what is a sediment filter, let’s learn more about the types of particulate matter it can remove.


Sand from construction sites or the beach can seep into water sources, causing contamination.


The solid waste generated from human activities can pollute rivers, oceans, and lakes, arousing the need for purification cartridges.

Soil particles

Soil erosion can carry soil, silt, and other particulate matter into water bodies and into our homes.

For what is a sediment filter used?

These cartridges are widely used for pre-purification purposes and will be used in conjunction with other similar systems.

Some of its applications include:

UV purification

These systems are primarily tasked with microbial purification. They are used to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as neutralize bacteria and other microorganisms. Using it alongside cartridges designed for insoluble matter assures you of the quality of what you dispense from your refrigerator.

RO systems

These treatment devices harness the decontamination capabilities of carbon cartridges and a semipermeable membrane. However, they are used with pre-filters to eliminate particles and debris that may clog the system or destroy the other treatment mediums.

Whole house filtration

Cartridges that address particle problems are vital in whole-house systems as they prevent insoluble dirt from damaging washing machines, coffee makers, dishwashers, and other home appliances. Apart from prolonged appliance life, you will enjoy a better flow of water through the faucets and shower heads.


Sediment cartridges facilitate healthier hydration and protect our home appliances from clogging or frequent maintenance issues. They are a great addition to any home as they enhance the functionalities of other systems.

At Filterway, protecting families from poor hydration is our top concern. We have a wide range of cartridges to improve your home’s water supply. Our talented customer service team is at your service, helping you find the perfect solution for your purification needs.

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