Questions To Ask When Placing Cupcakes Order

To avoid unnecessary drama after placing your cupcakes order, you must ask some simple questions. These questions will help you understand the cupcake maker or supplier better; hence, you will realize who you’re dealing with from the start of the deal. It’s not enough for your cupcake supplier to know how to make cupcakes in a jar; they also need to understand what you want and your expectations. Therefore, if you’re planning to place your cakes order, below are the questions you should ask:

Ask About The Delivery Date Or Time

It won’t make much sense that you order for cupcakes, and you only got it delivered later than when it’s needed. Therefore, the delivery date and time are among the most important questions you should ask when placing a cupcake order. Although you might have a specific date or time when you need the cupcake, you still need to ask your supplier when they’ll deliver the cake. If their delivery time or date is too early and not suitable for your schedule, you can simply let them know. When you do, the two parties can then proceed to choose a more suitable delivery time or date. Some might need their cupcake for a special occasion, and they want it delivered on the day of the event at a specific period. If, on the other hand, the cake was delivered earlier than expected, the owner might have to put extra effort into keeping and preserving the cake. Such stress can be avoided by asking when your supplier desires to make the delivery. Also, by clarifying the date or time for your cupcake delivery, you’ll be eliminating the unnecessary drama that late or too early delivery would have caused.

Ask About The Price

Never should you order for cakes without first knowing how much they cost. If your order is made online, you’re more likely going to see the price even before you make your order. On the order hand, if you’re dealing with your cake maker or supplier offline, it might skip your mind to ask how much they’ll be charging for the cake and delivery. However, some people will ask for the cake price, and they’ll reach an agreement with the supplier. Still, they won’t proceed to ask about the cost of delivery until when the cake is being delivered to them. This can result in an unnecessary drama. You can avoid this by merely negotiating the cost of your cake and the delivery price.

Ask And Check Cake Type, Design, And Flavor

You should ask to see the different cake types, designs, and flavors previously made by your cake maker. This is especially important if you don’t have a specific design and flavor you want. You should ask them to provide you with different designs and flavors that you can choose from. If you don’t ask for this and your cake maker delivers a design or flavor you don’t like; it will be too late for you to complain. Also, by seeing the various designs made by your cake maker, you can be assured that you’re in the right hand and can deliver the kind of design you want. You might even get inspiration from the designs being shown to you. This makes the whole process easier and straightforward, and you can also rest assured of getting quality cake designs, since it’s not their first time doing such design.

Ask About Their Experience

If you are ordering a significant amount of cupcake, maybe for your wedding ceremony, birthday, or any other significant occasion, you must ask about your cake maker’s experience. You don’t want to give your cupcake project to an inexperienced person or company. However, you may be less concerned about their experience if all you need is a small quantity to be consumed by yourself. If, on the other hand, you need a significant amount of cupcakes, you should endeavor to ask if your cupcake maker has ever handled such a considerable quantity before. If not, you may want to consider looking elsewhere and hiring another cake maker with experience in making such significant quantities. An inexperienced person or company might be unable to deliver on time. They might be overwhelmed by the quantity. It is, therefore, vital that you ask about your cake maker’s experience. If you can ask these simple questions before placing your cake order, you should get a satisfactory delivery at the end of the day.