Practical and Creative Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Kitchen remodels and refurbishments are expensive. If you lean into the DIY angle, you can likely recoup your investment; otherwise, you’re likely to “break-even” at best, and even be a little over.

Of course, it will all depend on the sort of remodeling you do, and how extensively you transform the space. That said, this particular work seems to be a bit pricey. However, you don’t have to totally remodel the area to maximize and revitalize the space.

There are small things you can do that make a big difference, and straightforward refurbishment options that can be applied sequentially, allowing you to more efficiently budget the change. Following we’ll briefly explore some of these creative and practical space-expanding tips.

1. Reorient Furniture That Can Be Repositioned

Maybe you’ve got a small table that seats four and is rectangular. Reposition it lengthwise, if you’ve got the space. Suddenly the whole character of the area has been changed. You can do the same thing with little portable dinette arrangements, lamps, table stands, refuse bins, or whatever can be moved.

Some refrigerators can even be repositioned; though this isn’t practical in most kitchens. The point is, to see if there is any way you can rearrange items in the space for more conducive space utility.

2. Change the Lighting of the Space

Lighting imparts a feeling depending on intensity. Bright fluorescent lights are not comfortable, and they “wash out” a space. Comfortable, muted lighting from a few strategically placed lamps can make a space feel cozy. Check out this article to see how lighting directly affects a person’s perception of space.

With a kitchen, you want to combine qualities of comfort and space maximization simultaneously. Sometimes you’re cooking, sometimes you’re eating—who wants to eat in an area that feels like an office?. Also, add mirrors, these compound the appearance of space and spread light.

3. Look Into RTA Cabinetry Options

RTA stands for Ready To Assemble. RTA cabinetry is an option where you enter the dimensions of your prospective cabinet online and have the materials for building and installation sent to your property. You can then install them yourself, saving money, or you can outsource the installation. For more information on these and other cabinet options, click here.

4. Clean Out All Cupboards and Reorganize Everything

You’ve likely got pots and pans you never use because they’re old and everything sticks to them. You might have a few old appliances that are broken. There are probably some boxes that once held food or saran wrap, but are entirely empty now.

Go through each cupboard, pull out all the useless junk that doesn’t serve any real purpose, reorganize cupboard contents, and get rid of that which is no longer useful. Do the job right and you’ll be able to free up more space than you may have expected.

Practical and Creative Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

5. Give the Space a New Paint Job

Colors actually alter perceptions. Red has a restrictive feel. White washes things out, eliminating the appearance of interstices and seams. Ultimately, a small space feels a lot larger this way.

There are different schools of thought here. A very “busy” pattern might result in the same feeling of expanded space, but not look so peaceful or amenable. Consult an interior designer on how colors transform the feeling of space.

Making the Most Out of Your Kitchen AffordablyA new paint job, cleaning out and reorganizing the space, RTA options, “upgrading” the lighting, and furniture reorientation can all be prime tips to help you make the most out of whatever space you’re working within kitchen of your home. Get a little consultation from pros, explore what’s out there, and figure out what the best move for your home is.