Moving Base: The Things To Take Care Of

Moving is a scary prospect to people, the thought of uprooting the familiar setting to move to a new unfamiliar setting is definitely scary but it should not be a thing you need to be afraid of. Moving is a common thing in your life and should not be a hard or scary thing as you are not alone, there are services that could move your things for you. Such as moving companies like Northridge movers, just look around for your local moving businesses of your city of choice. There are a multitude of reasons to move, from commercial moving that involves moving your physical business location to a more lucrative one, to retirement moving to transfer out of your busy and costly area to a more calm and cheaper area to comfortably retire to, to even just moving your permanent residence for one reason or the other.

The Daunting Process of Moving Out

Moving is something that has been ingrained as a daunting process; some people would point to having to move out of your parents’ house as a stress inducing event and some would say it was liberating, but everyone agrees that moving is a hassle that most don’t want to deal with. For the people who feel that moving is stressful, getting a moving company to handle all the actual moving part would be a lot more comfortable as they have the equipment necessary to move all your belongings that you may not be able to personally move yourself.

Some researchers say that moving to unfamiliar territory is an ingrained stress point in people that goes all the way back to when humans where hunter gatherers. Moving to a new place introduces the unknown and that would introduce dangers that they might not be equipped to handle. That’s why it is natural to think of moving and be filled with dread but it does not have to be. Moving to a new place also introduces new opportunities and new experiences that help people grow.

While moving shouldn’t fill you with dread, you also need to make sure that the place you have chosen is a good place to move to. Moving to a new place with a moving company is a lot simpler but moving companies also have a lot of red flags you need to look out for.

1. Too high or too low of a deposit

A lot of moving companies have a deposit that you pay to move your stuff and then you pay the rest of it once they have moved your stuff. A high initial deposit is a large red flag especially if it is higher than 50% of the total amount, most reputable moving companies will not charge as high as that. You need to do some research on the market price of your local moving companies and compare it to the price they tell you, as too high or too low could be a potential sign of a scammer.

2. Not quoting the price on the phone

Sometimes you meet moving companies that don’t tell you the price they will charge you till they actually get to your house; this is a red flag because the price they quote you is probably being influenced by your house and your area. If a moving company cannot give you a definite quote without seeing your house, then it is likely they are trying to scope out how much to overcharge you based on your situation.

3. Paying in cash only

While this isn’t a definite sign that someone is trying to scam you, it is a major red flag as paying in cash only is a sign that they don’t want any digital trail of this transaction. This could be for any number of reasons but if an issue ever comes up, having more proof of you paying them and them not delivering will be important if legal action must be taken.


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