Most Common Reasons for Boating Accidents in Miami

It is very common for road accidents to happen, and they are relatively much easier to resolve than boat accidents. Coastal regions of the country, such as South Florida, witness hundreds of boat accidents each year, many even proving fatal.

In cities like Miami, there is a trend of renting out boats or yachts to cruise and party along the shore. Only last year, there were a hundred accidents reported, out of which five accidents proved to be fatal. An uptick in tourists renting out the boats for parties is a major contributing factor in these accidents. So, if you have been in an accident or suffered some injuries owing to someone else’s fault, you must hire a Miami boating accident lawyer to file a compensation case.

Here are some of the usual reasons why boating accidents happen in Miami.

1. Unlicensed and Inexperienced Drivers

As observed, operator failure is one of the leading causes of boat accidents in Miami. Unlike car drivers, boat drivers need more training in operating their vehicles and ensuring the safety of other passengers. So, when an inexperienced or unlicensed driver is captaining a boat, they may be ill-equipped and undertrained to handle any dangerous situation, which may put their and other’s life on the line.

2. Inattentive Operators

Being distracted while operating a vehicle is a leading cause of road accidents and boat accidents. A boat’s captain must always be attentive and focused toward cruising the ship properly while ensuring the safety of the people on board. Other than cruising, they must keep an eye out for the mechanical aspects of the boat to ensure that anything does not malfunction. Having a loud party or disturbing passengers can hinder the captain’s ability to focus.

3. Machinery Failure

Just like a car, boats require proper maintenance, and if you fail to maintain the boat, it may malfunction in the sea. Motor issues like steering loss jammed throttle, and motor malfunction can cause an accident. To avoid accidents due to a machinery malfunction, ensure the boat is being serviced as per the maintenance schedule.

4. Excessive Speed

Speeding is dangerous, on land and as well as on water. Boating laws govern the boat’s maximum speed depending upon the boat’s size and passenger capacity. In Miami, the speed limit for watercraft is 35 miles per hour. So, if you are on a boat and the driver crosses the speed limit resulting in any injuries, you can hire a Miami boating accident lawyer to file for a compensation claim.

5. Consumption of Alcohol

Drinking and driving is a dangerous duo on both land and water. Cruising a watercraft under the influence of alcohol accounts for 12% of the total deaths in a boating accident.

6. The weather

While you are on the sea, the elements can turn against you at any moment. The weather in the deep sea is often highly volatile yet predictable to some extent. People often get stranded in the deep sea due to a storm or high tide. The best way is to delay the boat ride if you have even an iota of doubt regarding the weather.

Wrapping Up

If you have met with a boating accident and been hurt owing to someone else’s negligence, you can file a compensation suit to claim loss in wages, loss of earning potential, medical bills, and property loss.