Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling Perth can really empower you to improve communication. Your newfound skills can allow you to fix a relationship before resorting to separation and divorce. Or if the relationship has run its course, marriage counselling Perth can help mediate discussions and assist you with reaching agreement with your ex-partner, as part of the divorce process. The tools you learn can also better equip you for future relationships. Marriage counselling Perth can help you deal with resentment and unresolved issues. It is also helpful for taking back control of your feelings during a time of emotional hardship.

Sometimes with both, sometimes with one

The counselling can look different from one couple to another. Usually, the sessions involve both partners, but there are times when just one partner may attend for individual sessions.

Half of all marriages end in divorce, and people sometimes change after marriage. For some, counselling can be a way to work on the relationship and if both partners decide they want to preserve their marriage, they can return home with the skills needed to continue.

Counselling does not have to be late in the relationship

There are some types of counselling where it makes sense seek help sooner rather than later. When you first start to notice problems it’s best to engage a counsellor rather than seeking family law services for divorce.

Communication skills can help whatever your end goal is

It is something that gets said a lot, but for good reason too, because it is true. Communication is vital in successful marriages. It is also vital when trying to come to an agreement at the end of a marriage. But when a volatile situation is amplified by emotions, resentment, anger and ongoing issues make it hard to really listen to the other party, or even care about what they are saying. Marriage counselling Perth in its different forms can help partners to better communicate.


Whether you want to save the marriage, need to resolve some issues, or need help with communication, marriage counselling Perth can help. Be sure to also seek family law services if you are going through a legal separation or divorce. You deserve the best advice and support through the process. With professional support you can see past the emotional trauma and grievances and work towards a happier future.