Make Your House Senior-Friendly in 6 Steps

We all have elderly family members that we adore and are grateful for how much love and support they add to our lives. Our elderly have spent their lives trying to give us the best life we could possibly have, and at some point in life, it becomes our duty to take care of them and help them spend their golden years happily and as healthy as possible. Due to old age, simple accidents that occur every day at home can result in serious injuries in seniors as they have weaker bones and slower body reactions. However, you can design your home to suit their needs in so many ways. If you can’t afford to redesign your house, you can add some fixtures and make a few changes to accommodate having a senior in it. Read on, as in this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to make your house senior-friendly in 6 steps.

1. Slip-resistant Flooring

Slipping and tripping are minor incidents that can occur much often, however, they can result in serious damages if a senior was involved. Most of these accidents occur as a result of slippery floors, thresholds, and high-pile carpeting. In order to protect seniors living with you in the same house against such unfortunate accidents, you have to replace all the house flooring with non-slip flooring. Moreover, non-skid mats would be perfect too. As for thresholds, you can either remove them or make them shorter. The same thing applies to high-pile carpeting, as they need to be replaced with low-pile carpeting so that seniors do not trip over them. Pay extra caution to the bathroom and kitchen flooring because they are the most slippery rooms in the house due to using water in them for so many reasons, especially showering. 

2. Install Stairlifts

Going up and down the stairs can be very painful and exhausting to seniors, as their muscles are weakened and mobility-limited. Therefore, installing a stairlift at your home can be very useful and saves your elderly the effort and pain involved in having to go up the stairs to their rooms or down the stairs to join you in the kitchen or garden. However, this kind of equipment should be of high quality. If you check the best UK stairlifts, you will have a better idea about the wide range of types and features that come with them. Those different stairlifts fit different types of stairs and budgets. That is why you need to research different types and read reviews about their quality to help you decide on the best one for your home. Investing in a high-quality stairlift is definitely worth it.

3. Improve the Lighting System

Each and every room in your house should be well-lit to avoid accidents like bumping into things and falling. As we age, our sight gets weaker, and we will need more light to see and find things around us. Some places in your house should have extra lights like the entryways and staircase. Keep in mind that without a strong lighting system that helps you have a well-lit house, seniors living with you are at risk of falling and getting frustrated as they will keep looking for their things like keys, for example, for a long time.

Improve the Lighting System

 4. Remove unsafe Items

Some items that usually can be found around the house, especially if there are kids living in it, can be very dangerous. Toys, skateboards, small balls, and stuff like that scattered around on the floor can result in slips, bumps, and falls. Therefore, you need to remove any item that poses a risk to your seniors from the house, or at least, keep them in closet cabinets. Be extra cautious with the stairs, and make sure that there are no toys or other small items on them.

5. Change the Mattress

The mattress on your elderly bed should be of appropriate height so that they do not face any troubles getting in and out of bed. If the mattress is too high, they might fall. On the other hand, if it is too low, it can cause back pains. The thickness of the mattress should be from 20 to 23 inches. Another good option is to get one of the air loss mattresses.

6. Adjust Your Kitchen

If the senior is going to cook, you need to provide them with a functional kitchen. Bearing in mind that they should not crouch or bend while preparing meals. Moreover, easy-to-read controls on appliances are a must so that they can see the controls clearly and avoid accidents. If possible, you better install wall ovens.

Having a senior living in your house is a huge responsibility, and your house should be adjusted to accommodate their needs. However, we owe them as they have given us the best they could, and it is our turn to return their unpayable debt the best way we can. Our elderly add such warmth and joy to the house, and we should ensure that they are 100% safe and comfortable living with us.