Life Hacks for Wrinkled Clothes

Dealing with wrinkled clothes is an all-too-common problem that many of us face. Clothes can become wrinkled for a variety of reasons, including being kept in a drawer or suitcase or remaining in a dryer after the cycle is complete. And many people find the idea of getting the iron out to be a chore they’d rather avoid.

Fortunately, there are a few creative and easy life hacks that can help us tackle this task with minimal effort. Find out more as we share some those life hacks in this article.

1. Blow-dry your dress

There is no better way to maintain wrinkle-free clothing than by using a blow dryer. Keep in mind to move continuously while sweeping the surface of your clothing slowly and gently to prevent your dress from getting burned. Also, keep the dryer two inches away from the fabric. This will ensure that the material does not get too hot and will also prevent the fabric from stretching due to the heat. Additionally, it is important to hold the blow dryer in one hand and use the other to carefully press and smooth out wrinkles. Finally, be mindful of the temperature setting on the blow dryer and select the appropriate one for your fabric.

2. Toss an ice cube in the dryer

Got a dryer? You might never need to iron again. You’d never guess it, but throwing an ice cube in your dryer works well as a method to remove wrinkles if you don’t have an iron. The ice cube melts as the clothes tumble, releasing steam and helping to remove wrinkles. If you think about it, this is one of the best dryer hacks no one seems to know. It’s an effective and affordable solution, especially if you don’t have a steamer or want to save on energy costs.

3. While in the shower, steam your clothes

In your bathroom, close the doors and windows, and hang wrinkled clothes from the shower rod. Start a hot shower after that, allowing the steam to permeate the fabric of your clothing. After 10 minutes or so, turn off the shower and allow the clothes to air dry for a few minutes. Hang up your clothes and admire the fact that they are wrinkle free! For tougher wrinkles, you can leave the garments in the shower for longer or hang them closer to the steam.

4. Steam with a pot of tea

Small wrinkles respond best to this iron-free method. Boil some water, then hold the steaming kettle’s spout 12 inches away from any clothing that has wrinkled problem areas With concentrated steam, you won’t have to deal with foggy bathroom mirrors anymore. After a few minutes of steaming, you’ll be able to press out any stubborn wrinkles in your clothing with your hands without needing to resort to an iron.

5. Cover your clothing with a damp towel

There are still other ways to get your laundry looking nice if you don’t want to use steam, chemicals, or an iron. To do this, lay your clothing flat and smooth out any wrinkles with a damp towel. Make sure to use a towel that isn’t too wet, or else you may end up with water spots on your clothes. Once you have laid out your clothing and smoothed it with the damp towel, let it sit and dry naturally. Once the clothing is dry, it should be wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

6. Roll your clothes

Try rolling the wrinkles out of your clothing if you are seriously short on supplies. To accomplish this, roll the clothing into a burrito and then put something very heavy on top of it for a couple of hours. Clothes should have fewer wrinkles when you take them out and unroll them. This method may not be perfect, but it is worth a try if you are in a pinch. This method is not a perfect solution, as some wrinkles may still remain, but it does offer a good way to make clothes look neater and more presentable.

7. Make use of white vinegar

One of the most practical ingredients in your kitchen is vinegar, and white vinegar has a variety of uses, including releasing wrinkles. Without using an iron, a few spritzes of vinegar will smooth out wrinkles. Also, don’t worry about the potential odor. White vinegar, in contrast to regular vinegar, doesn’t smell because it lacks the enzyme responsible for vinegar’s distinctive odor.


8. Use hair straighteners

Hair straighteners can also be a great tool for more than just eliminating frizz. This can be a great timesaver if you’re running late to an important meeting and don’t have time to change. Here’s what you need to do: Use your flatiron to quickly press your shirt collar or remove small wrinkles in your blouse. Just be sure to wipe off any product buildup on the plates first and be mindful of temperature settings (cotton = high heat; silk = low heat).

9. Use a metal pot to boil some water

Toss the water once it has come to a rolling boil. To remove wrinkles from your clothing, use the pot’s bottom as an iron. This trick is a great way to get the wrinkles out of your clothes without an iron. This traditional technique has been used for centuries and is a great way to save time and money. However, be careful because it will be hot, and make sure the bottom of the pot is clean.

10. Make use of the dryer

To find out if you can safely machine dry a garment, first look at the label for the laundry symbols. If possible, spritz the items with water and combine them with one or two damp items (like damp socks). Even a few ice cubes can be placed in the dryer. When they melt, the steam they release will help your clothing lose its wrinkles. On medium, spin for roughly 15 minutes.