Learn About the Many Uses of Velcro

Velcro is a fastener that has made our lives easier by doing nothing but sticking together. It is amazing to know that this is something inspired by plants. You all might be thinking that which plant would be the source of inspiration behind this invention. So, let us clear your doubts regarding the formation and uses that you might not be knowing. 

Velcro is inspired by the plant called the “Burdock Plant.” A Swiss engineer named George de Mestral noticed the way by which small burrs of this plant stuck to his pants. This happened in 1941. When he noticed keenly, he observed the tiny hooks coming out of the plant that assisted in the process of sticking with those objects that had loops. 

It was the same man who did not let the idea vanish and, after years of study, invented Velcro. The Amazing invention took place in 1955, and today this small sticky material is known to be the brand of fabric hook and loop fasteners. Let’s now talk about the many uses of Velcro.

Hang Frames on the Wall

It is always a fuss when it comes to hanging the frames of your favorite pictures or canvases on the wall. Drilling a hole inside the wall doesn’t seem good, though. Velcro can help you with this task and make it effortless depending on the weight of the object you are going to hang. The hook and loop system of Velcro can help hold a relatively heavier frame. 

It does not mean that it can hold tons of kilograms, so you need to check the type of Velcro before buying it.

Keeps Your Rugs in Place 

Rugs increase the aesthetic vibes coming from the lounges or rooms, but they have a problem of messing up so quickly. Only this messy rug can make the room look ugly. To avoid this, you can use a simple solution that is Velcro. Yes, Velcro keeps the rug in place and makes your room look organized.

Tie Up the Cables 

Tangled cables are a headache to almost every one of us. You will be listening to your favorite music one second and the other second your hands-free cables are tangled, and here the problem starts. Nothing but Velcro can stop these cables from twisting. Buy yourself a piece of Velcro and hold the cables after each use. Boom, your problem is sorted. 

Helps You Keep the Remote Controls from Getting Lost

It is normal not to find your TV’s remote control whenever you need it. That is indeed a headache to deal with. It is more common if you have kids. Velcro can be your friend in keeping the remote control away from the sight of children and in your sight so that you can turn on the TV whenever you want. 

You can hang the remote on a height on a wall with Velcro, so you always know where it is. 

Removes Bobbles from Clothes

You will see multiple devices on the internet that claim to clean your clothing from bobbles. You might have tried some of those, but not all have them work as guaranteed. Try using Velcro for the purpose, and you won’t need ordering stuff for the purpose as it works hundred percent. 

Velcro is the cheapest of all the materials and helps you avoid battery-operated devices meant for clearing the bobbles from clothing. 

Repairs Bags and Suitcases

Many people suffer from the breakage of their purse or handbags locks. You can’t replace your favorite bags only if the lock is broken. The solution is Velcro. Stick the pads of Velcro with glue, and here you have your bags ready to serve you for another span. 

Hangs Tools in Garage

Velcro tape is one of the multipurpose tools. It can help and assist you in almost any chore and sort the problems out. All of you would be having a toolkit in the garage but might not have a suitable place to keep it. We bring you the solution in the form of Velcro. It will help you hang the tools in the garage so that they are neither away from the site of their use nor lost at the moment.

Secures Wrapping Paper From the Opening 

It is again a tough job to keep the wrapping papers secured. They open up and create a mess in your study or wherever they are. You can secure the rolled wrapping paper with Velcro, and you are out of the mess.

Help Tie Plants

If you love gardening and have a lawn at your place, you would have experienced the creepers growing randomly along the ground as well as walls. It does not look good. What should you do to give an appealing spectacle to your garden? Take Velcro, cut it into parts, and arrange the creeping plant the way you desire. Secure it at several places to make sure the plant won’t fall again. If well-oriented, these plants will add up to the beauty of your home.

Keeps Flashlight in Place on the Wall

When out of electricity and stuck in the dark, this DIY hack will help you find the flashlight within seconds. Just make sure to hang it with Velcro on the wall, and the problem is solved.

Hang Alarms or Smoke Detectors on Wall or Ceiling

Security alarms are very important to keep you and your family safe. Apart from that, smoke detectors are a must-have in every house. You might face problems with how to keep them. Velcro can be helpful here too. Use Velcro the same way you used it for hanging frames, and you are safe with alarms set in your home. 

Secure Mailbox to the House

Velcro tape is a game-changer. You would be amazed to see the difference it makes in your life by doing almost all the tough chores and making them doable. Securing the mailbox has no hustle if you have already read this article. Just buy yourself Velcro, and you are good to go.

Keeps Track of Essentials Like Keys 

Are you one of those who forgets after placing the keys and end up wasting plenty of precious time? We got you here. Attach the Velcro on the wall and a key holder. Then attach the key holder to the wall near the main door. As you enter the house from work, hang the keys right there.

Make Games that are Fun to Play in an Outdoor Space

Are you planning a family trip and need to take games along? You can make travel versions of the games like chess and checkers with Velcro. Take a cardboard and attach pieces of Velcro cut in equal sizes. It will make your trip even better.

Aids in Making Organizer Boards

People have to worry a lot and buy expensive organizer boards for stuff like makeup, kids’ clothes, or other accessories. Velcro is the cheapest solution to make cool organizers. It will help you to keep the trash away.

Make Accessories Like Headbands For Girls

Girls often get distracted by the stray strands of their hair in their eyes. You can make DIY cute and practical headbands using Velcro and save yourself from repetitively arranging the hair and diverting from the task you are up to. 

Repair a Jacket or Jeans that Have a Broken Zipper

A broken zipper never means that the clothing material has to get wasted in the trash. So, what to do with the jeans or jacket that has its zipper broken? You can sew the Velcro tape beside the zipper to use as an alternative. This will help you keep your beloved jacket or jeans for a bit more time.


These were only some of the uses of Velcro. It is a multipurpose game-changer that you should have at your home. It makes your life organized, lessens the mess, and comes in handy in various situations.

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