Is Possession of Prescription Medicine a Drug Crime?

Drug possession is a full-blown crisis defined by thousands of overdose cases. Legal cases around drugs like Fentanyl and Heroin. However, can you be legally charged with possessing prescription medicine?

Generally, possession of prescription medicine may appear as a drug crime to you. However, it may be a shock to you that drug policies could see you charged for possessing prescription medicine in many cases. Although medical drugs like OxyContin, Morphine, and Methadone are medically certified for use by patients, some states apply strict substance regulations to oversee the controlled usage of such drugs.

The potential for criminal charges due to possession and the intent to distribute drugs necessitates the guidance of drug offense lawyers. If you are charged with possession of a prescription drug, you should look for drug crime lawyers in your area. To understand the full legal implications of possession of prescription medicine and the possible solutions, here is what you need to know:

The Dynamics of Unlawful Access to Prescription Medical Drugs

You can be charged with possession of prescription medicine if it is established to have been obtained illegally. Unlawful access to prescription drugs entails the following:

  • Using unconventional methods like stealing from a pharmacy.
  • Procurement of prescription medicine from a licensed distributor was aided by a forged document.
  • Stealing medical supplies from piles of legally prescribed medicines intended for ailing patients.

Using such methods to access prescription drugs is a felony, predisposing you to a possible prison sentence, a hefty fine, or both.

Role of Legal Counsel

Experienced drug lawyers could provide you with reliable insights and interpretations of the nature of prescription medicine possession charges. Drug crime lawyers break down the evidentiary constituents of the possession indictment.

They can interpret specifics of state law that may be applied to convict you during the case. However, the legal counsel could also scrutinize the areas of the law with interpretative ambiguities that could be leveraged to broker a more favorable outcome during the hearing.

Understanding Your Rights

The police investigation is an important process in a prescription drug possession case. However, your due process rights guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment mean that your privacy is constitutionally protected.

You should seek legal counsel from a drug crimes lawyer as soon as possible to understand your rights. You risk aiding the prosecution in convicting you if you agree to unlawful searches of prescription drugs at home or in your car.

Inadmissible Evidence

Although you can be charged with unlawful possession of prescription medical drugs, the drug offenses lawyer, with their specialized skills and competencies, knows how best to mount a firm defense in such a case. The failure by the police to notify you of your rights renders anything you said on record during the investigation inadmissible evidence during the hearing.

An experienced drug crime attorney will leave no stone unturned while scrutinizing evidence to defend you against drug possession charges.

Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Irrespective of your part or the complexities of drug possession crimes, drug offenses lawyers assure attorney-client confidentiality privileges. We encourage you to be open to every case detail and assure you of the privilege of non-disclosure during and after the case.


The US is facing a serious drug usage problem. Drug possession laws have become stricter, potentially implicating parties with unlawful access to prescription medicine. This is becoming problematic, especially for those who don’t have physical copies of their prescription with them at all times.

Despite the indictment and possible conviction risks, drug offense lawyers offer reliable guidance and formulate a strategic defense for you when faced with possession charges. These drug crimes lawyers are your unyielding and dedicated partners with the skills to support you in the most difficult legal times.

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