Is a Central Vacuum System Worth the Money?

A vacuum cleaner is an important tool for keeping your home clean. While most people invest in portable vacuum cleaners that must be taken from room to room, it is also possible to buy a central vacuum. These unique vacuums are installed with pipes through the walls. There are hose ports in every room, which allow users to plug in and suck up debris. This debris is then whisked away and stored at a central location. These systems tend to be quite expensive. Are they worth the money? It is time to find out.

 A Central Vacuum Cleaner Is Convenient

One reason people love to use central vacuums is convenience. Even with advancements in recent years, normal vacuums are still pretty cumbersome to use. They take up a lot of storage space, and they must be hauled from one room to the next to clean the whole house. With central vacuums, you may have to take hose attachments from one room to the next, but there is no heavy body to carry around. This makes central vacuums far easier to use.

Central Vacuums Are More Powerful

Another reason to invest in a central vacuum is power. If you are concerned about getting your house clean, then there is no better way to go. Compared to normal vacuums, central units have more suction power. In most cases, central vacuums have three to five times as much suction power. This means you have to vacuum less to get the deep clean you crave. It also means that central vacuums are associated with better air quality. Because these units suck debris all the way out of the room, there is no risk of blow back. This power can be very important for your home’s cleanliness and your health.

Enjoy More Quiet With Central Vacuums


A lot of people are also pleased with central vacuums because of their noise control. A regular vacuum cleaner is noted for its obnoxious roar during usage. This is because central units have the motor located away from each room. Therefore, when the motor is working, it is not close to the area where the vacuuming is occurring in most cases. This means that there is less noise. Therefore, these units are less disruptive to the normal operations of daily life. For people with babies, small children or pets, this can be very valuable. Most people also come to discover that the diminished disruption makes vacuuming easier to do regularly.

Get More Years Out Of Central Vacuums

Central vacuums also tend to last longer. These units are centralized, which means that all debris is moved to a central storage unit. This storage unit is easier to clean than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Due to this fact, the power of the vacuum is not diminished nearly as quickly. Moreover, the storage capacity of most central vacuums is vastly superior to standard units. This means less maintenance and less cleaning. Many experts also say that installing a central unit in your house can improve its overall value. Many people who install a central unit are overwhelmingly pleased with their choice. Ask such owners, and they will be quick to tell you that central vacuums are definitely worth the investment.