Introduction to the Major Central Vacuum System Manufacturers

When it comes to bringing an upgrade to your home, the common choices are bathroom and kitchen renovation, new flooring and new walls. But these are not the only changes you can make to improve the value of your house. An affordable improvement is getting a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system is built into a home, eliminating the need to lug around a vacuum cleaner from room to room and up and down the stairs. It also does not need to be emptied frequently. There are a lot of central vacuum manufacturers innovating, producing and selling their products. Let’s get to know the major central vacuum system brands gaining great reputation in the market:

1. Ovo

Ovo is a new company that sells mainly central vacuum cleaners (for now). It is owned by its mother company Nadair, a Canada-based wholesaler of home improvement products like ceiling fans, lighting and vacuum cleaners. Ovo was founded to bring consumers with a more affordable lineup of products that incorporates Nadair’s uncompromising quality standards.

Ovo’s products are equipped with their Soft-Start Technology that makes motors last 20% longer than most central vacuums in the market. They offer a warranty of 10 years to ensure great performance of their vacuums. They also use high efficiency filtration system that purifies the vacuumed air up to 99.97%.

2. Cana-Vac

Cana-Vac is one of the first companies that came up with central vacuum systems. When household owners think of Cana-Vac, the words durable, high-quality and premium might come to mind. It was founded by Leonard Budd in 1970, and currently, it’s Canada’s largest central vacuum manufacturer.

Cana-Vac offers two lines of central vacuum systems: Signature and Ethos. Both series have vacuum systems that can provide five times the power of a conventional vacuum cleaner. Their products also reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 61%.

3. Hayden

Hayden is a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems primarily in North America and around the world. This brand has a long history built on quality and innovation. In 2007, Hayden was acquired by Canplas, a leading plastic injection molding company. Canplas invested primarily in updating Hayden’s product line.

Hayden sells central vacuum motors and parts such as power units, pipes, inlet valves, fittings, installation materials and kits. The brand features the SuperVac cyclonic system, SuperPack cleaning tools, SuperHose III, and SuperValve.

4. Prolux

Prolux is a lesser-known central vacuum brand but is getting a lot of satisfied customers especially on Amazon. Besides central vacuums, the company offers vacuum products such as backpack, upright, canister, handheld varieties, as well as hard floor cleaners and shampooers. Prolux focuses more on research and development and making great products rather than promoting their brand.

The world’s first bagless backpack vacuum was created by Prolux, as well as the first carpet shampooer that fits any wet and dry vacuum. In terms of central vacuum improvements, Prolux produced the first electrical central vacuum hose kit that fits any central vacuum system sold in North America.

5. Honeywell


A popular American brand, Honeywell produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, aerospace systems and engineering services. It’s a multinational conglomerate that is part of Fortune 100 companies.

The central vacuum systems offered by Honeywell features high-powered air wat motors and their Triumph HEPA Filtration. Honeywell’s power units feature AirWatts motors, allowing them to work with five times more cleaning power than a typical vacuum cleaner.

6. NuTone

NuTone is a well-known American brand of residential products like ventilation systems, range hoods, home automation systems, ceiling fans, electric heaters, home theater systems, intercom systems, ironing equipment, doorbells and central vacuum systems. The company started in 1936 when it was founded by J. Ralph Corbett and initially sold doorbells.

The central vacuum systems offered by NuTone are the quietest, and it also improves air quality through HEPA filtration and reduces noise through internal sound suppression. Their vacuums assures you of a healthy and clean environment for the home.

7. Hoover


For more than 100 years, Hoover has been providing quality vacuum cleaners to US, Europe and the rest of the world. Founded on 1908, the Hoover brand name dominated the vacuum cleaner industry – in fact, “hoovering” became synonymous to vacuuming. Besides floor care products, Hoover also sells other domestic appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers.

A Hoover central vacuum system is sure to provide a cleaner house and environment by removing dirt, dust and other debris to a remote place outside the living area. The brand can also increase the value of any property.

8. Duovac

Duovac is a Canadian home electronics company founded in 1967 exporting products to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Far East. It was founded by Conrad Sévigny in 1982 when he offered a carpet cleaning service.

Duovac central vacuums and other systems offer a 25-year warranty, so durability and quality is ensured. Their systems are commonly used in both residential and commercial establishments. The Duovac brand is also a winner of the Consumers’ Choice award for 17 years, and has been the standard of excellence in central vacuum systems for more than 50 years.

9. Electrolux


A popular household names, Electrolux is a Swedish international home appliance manufacturer that produces and sells refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, air conditioners, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and other domestic appliances. But Electrolux actually started with Lux-branded vacuum cleaners when it was founded in 1919. Now, Electrolux products carry the brand names AEG, Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Anova, Eureka and Zanussi.

Electrolux central vacuum systems come with complete, easy-to-install cleaning tools you will need to clean every surface type of your house. Their vacuums come with a sound reduction technology and maintenance-free, self-cleaning filters.

10. VacuMaid

The VacuMaid brand is owned by Oklahoma-based Lindsay Manufacturing Inc. Founded in 1956, the company focuses on central vacuum systems, commercial vacuums, as well as intercom systems and steel pegboards. They produce high-quality motors, making their vacuum systems efficient.

VacuMaid’s central vacuum systems are vented outside the home and uses cyclonic separation, which completely removes dirt and fine particles from the air.