Ideas for Homeschool Outdoor Adventure Trips


Flexible scheduling is only one of homeschooling’s many advantages. The flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want is now available to your family. In fact, if you homeschool, the entire world is your classroom! You are allowed to plan special outings during the week so that your students can interact with professionals, gain practical experience, give back to the community, and learn personally things those other students might only learn about from books.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re getting ready for the new year or just searching for a little excursion to take tomorrow. You can learn with your family outside the home by using the list of popular homeschool field trip suggestions below.

Take an Outdoor Adventure

Group of children holding each other’s hands

Few other families have the opportunity to spend an entire day exploring the outdoors. Utilize this flexibility by taking your students outside! God’s huge and exquisite creation offers us a wealth of lessons.

Visit a local park, take a trek in a state or national park, tour a nearby farm, go apple or blueberry picking at an orchard, take a scenic drive, and perhaps listen to an audiobook! Additionally, you can participate in a community garden, go to a botanical garden or greenhouse, and in the fall or winter, stop by a pumpkin patch or a Christmas tree farm. A planetarium or observatory visit is another option.

Your kids can practice the Five Core Habits of Grammar while scientifically recording their outdoor discoveries on many of these nature field trips by bringing their Nature Sketch Journals along.

Observe Animals and Wildlife

Young ducks

There are so many fantastic opportunities to see other creatures that we share the earth with, whether it be wildlife on a nature trek or animals at a zoo! Visit a bird sanctuary or go bird watching in a park, go to your local zoo or petting zoo, an animal farm, an aquarium, a dairy farm, or even ask a veterinarian to give your family a tour of his or her clinic.

Get Involved in Community Service

Running boy on pathway

Family field trips and community service can be combined in a special way through community service. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, pick up rubbish that has been left behind in your community or a park, pay a visit to a nursing home resident, go to a children’s hospital, or clean up your neighbor’s yard.

Fortunately, charitable organizations make it simple to assist those in need in your neighborhood. Field excursions like these can be valuable ways to spend time serving and learning together as a family, whether you work with a larger group like Samaritan’s Purse or Habitat for Humanity or with a small organization close to you.

Get Firsthand Knowledge of Society 

Fire trucks at fire station

Most employees at establishments, businesses, and organizations like introducing visitors to what they do for a living. Additionally, going to locations like the ones below allows students to gain invaluable personal information of how society functions. Visit a factory, a hospital, a power plant, a water treatment facility, a recycling site, or go to your local post office. You can also take a tour of your local library, go to the state capitol, sit in on a court case, visit your local courtroom, or take a fire station tour.

Observe a Fine Arts Performance or Display

Theater show

Even if there is fantastic art in movies and television, it’s crucial to introduce students to other forms of art that enhance the beauty of life. You can choose to attend a theatrical production, a symphony or orchestra performance, a local art festival, an art gallery tour, a pottery class, a glassblowing studio tour, or a sculpture garden.

Learn History

Art design gallery

Students can learn history in concrete ways that make historical figures and events even more alive in their imaginations by visiting historical sites or studying historical objects in museums. Try to visit your state museum, a historic site or reenactment, an old schoolhouse, a battlefield, or a cemetery. You can also go to a historic site that your family has read about in a book or an ancient church.

Have Some Fun

The entire world is your classroom when you homeschool your children. This implies that everyone in your family can learn at anytime, anywhere. In other words, you don’t have to stick to the tried-and-true field trip suggestions like viewing a museum or aquarium. There is no reason why your family couldn’t benefit from enjoyable and entertaining activities! Attend a sporting event, go rollerblading or ice skating, swim in a lake or pool, visit an amusement park, or watch a movie at a theater.

Adventure Trips with Other Families

It can be intimidating at times to organize a field trip by yourself. So, as you prepare to do some field trips based on the suggestions above, incorporate other homeschooling parents from your neighborhood. This will not only make preparing a whole lot simpler, but it will also provide your family the chance to connect with other parents and students and form relationships that will last a lifetime. Take any of these family field trips and enjoy discovering the world together!


There are many outdoor homeschool activities, but finding them requires homeschool moms to think outside the traditional classroom. We need to do rid of the notion that education only takes place in formal settings using textbooks. The reality is that learning that is most effective and influential takes place outside of the classroom and without a textbook! Children learn best through first-hand experience, which cannot be achieved in a classroom setting with a textbook.