How to Vacuum Up Long Hair?

Although vacuum is one of the most convenient home appliances, it can also be dangerous. Most of us are careless while using a vacuum cleaner which can lead to a lot of accidents. So, we have to be careful while using vacuum cleaner. Sometimes hairs are tangled in the vacuum. Long hair is great but it takes a lot of work to keep it looking nice. Some like to have it long while others prefer to have it in a shorter version. But we all need to keep it clean and tangle free. You can use a several others things to pick long hairs but you will never get the same effect as vacuum. This blog will look at how to vacuum long hair.

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Use vacuum cleaner for picking long hairs

One of the easiest ways to remove hair from a carpet is by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums are able to pull human or pet hair out without you having to worry about the hassle and inconvenience of tracking down static electricity, or running into problems with chemical reactions that might cause permanent stains in the carpeting. The vacuum cleaner’s steam cleaning feature is considered to be a crucial part of most people’s home cleanliness. As such, all you need to do is drag it over the carpet with its brush tools. The brush tools will remove all the hairs from it. In order to achieve this, one of the essential steps is to attach the brush tool attachments properly onto it. Aside from that, you’ll also know that getting a powerful vacuum cleaner (like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional upright steam pocket mop) assures your results are always perfect when removing all hairs from your carpet. With a traditional vacuum cleaner, it is likely that you will be getting satisfactory hair removal from your carpet. Especially if one owns a pet of some sort, cat or dog; there are likely to be high counts of hair being released throughout the day. Nonetheless, most vacuum cleaners will make this process simpler by making the job done in a much shorter amount of time. The perfect traditional vacuum cleaner is one that you can depend on to get the job done. You will be able to clean with complete confidence, knowing that your home will soon be spotless. Many professional carpet cleaners use regular vacuum cleaners for carpet-cleaning jobs because the standard upright suction design does the trick.

Maintenance of Vacuum cleaner

1. Unplug vacuum

Before you go and clean up the vacuum, make sure it’s unplugged and put it on its side. Using a sharp knife or pair of scissors, cut away hair that is sticking out so that it doesn’t get in the way while you run it through your carpeting. Once you have cut most of it out, you can finish up with a vacuum to suck up the dog hair clumps left over in the machine by using a crevice tool if necessary. This will ensure that there won’t be any loose hairs inside your vacuum laying around to clog its moving parts down the line. It’s very easy to do all you have to do is use your hair removing rubber roller and some solution of choice.

2. Remove the vacuum roller

Sometimes when a vacuum has a removable brush roller, it can lose its suction which causes the brush to heat up and overspin. However, because you are able to remove the brush this is remedied in an instant. In order to clean your brush, first make sure that it’s completely removed from the vacuum, then check beneath both sides of the small piece that rests just at the base of where the brush connects with the central unit. If dust is trapped here, you need only gently remove it so as not to further damage your cleaner! Sometimes if a vacuum doesn’t logically have a place for a removable roll-out brush, there may be another way that this problem can be solved; by removing some of the dust from around or on top of where the roller brushes connect with the unit or even right inside underneath where parts meet. This helps keep everything clean, prevents issues and stops over spinning.

3.Wash the roller brush

A roller brush is a key cleaning tool that can be used to clean many things but particularly carpets and rugs. Some of the many benefits to using a roller brush are for instance, it’s human effortless, you don’t have to bend and you don’t need to necessarily vacuum upholstery. It’s important to clean your roller brush regularly or else all sorts of problems can start to occur. First things first, you’ll need to unscrew the handle from the pipe with a proper screwdriver from the set. This step will allow access to removing the inner connections, which is key in being able to get into all of its parts and parts that you may have missed during your initial cleaning. To do so, create a mixture of water and soap, wring out some cloths and embed them into a hard straw. Use what is now essentially a pipe cleaner for brushes on your roller brush until everything is clean.


1. Can you vacuum long hair?

Carpets are a common source of allergies and asthma! And long hair is the biggest reason behind it. Hence, having every member in your family clean-shaven has become an essential requirement to live a healthy life. And using a vacuum cleaner with good suction helps not only in keeping the house clean but also ensures optimum use of valuable time which can be kept for other things that offer more benefits to you and your family instead. Maintenance is essential, not just with your vacuum cleaner, but it’s also important when you’re dealing with long hair in the carpet fibers. While you may want to go with a high-powered handled suction, you want to find one that doesn’t clog as easily or at least offers a quick release for things like pet fur covering the brush roller. Always remember too you’ll have better support with a top-notch brand name because the manufacturer takes care of their products, wants them to last and will help troubleshoot should something go wrong.

2. How do you deal with hair in a vacuum?

Unplug your vacuum cleaner and find a room to spread out in. Spread the contents of your vacuum cleaner onto newspapers or an old sheet. Take a close look inside the vacuum with a flashlight to identify its parts. When you find the roller, carefully unclog its surface by slowly pulling off as much hair as possible with your hands or pliers.

3. Which vacuum does not tangle hair?

One of the features that sets the Shark Zero-M apart from the other models is its “self- cleaner”/anti-wrap brush roll. It does actually do a pretty good job and for $250 less than most cleaning options you can find in this price range. You’ll have far less tangled up hair to deal with during hair cleanup, which makes it my top choice if you want to tackle the world of commercial cleaning.


You should learn how to vacuum long hair, because it is a safety hazard for you, your family and your vacuum cleaner. Long hair can be a real challenge to deal with, but there are many things that you can do to minimize the problem. The best way to pick up hair from your vacuum is to use a wide attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This allows you to suck up all the hair in one swoop. If your attachment is too narrow, hair will get stuck in the attachment. Also, you want to use the crevice tool on your vacuum to get those hard-to-reach areas. I hope after reading this article you will understand about how to vacuum long hair.

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