How to Quickly and Effectively Clean Roof Tiles

If you want to keep your roof in optimal condition for longer, regular roof maintenance is essential.

One of the most crucial roof maintenance tasks, and one that many forget, is cleaning the tiles themselves. Whilst most homeowners remember to clean their guttering to avoid blockages and leaks, many overlook their roof tiles.

If you have never cleaned your roof tiles before (hang your head in shame!), then the below blog is just what you need.

Read on to discover how you can quickly and effectively clean your roof tiles in just three simple steps. Plus, discover all the top tips for keeping them clean, whatever the weather. Click here to know more about Delavan WI pressure washing company.

1. Invest in the right safety equipment

Before you start to clean your roof tiles, you must first make sure you have put the right safety measures in place.

Always wear heavy-duty, non-slip boots to prevent falling, and wear a mask and gloves if you are using harsh chemicals. It can also be a good idea to install a safety rail to prevent accidents and keep you safe as you clean.

2. Remove any moss or algae

If you have not cleaned your roof tiles for some time, you are likely to have a build-up of moss and algae on them. These can cause costly damage to your roof if left to grow, so you must take the time to effectively remove them.

The best way to do this is to use a roof scraper to remove any large pieces and then a garden sprayer to remove anything that is still left. You may also want to purchase a moss or algae remover spray to aid this process.

3. Apply an all-purpose roof cleaner

If your roof tiles are only affected by dirt and debris, then these can be easily cleaned using an all-purpose roof cleaner which you can buy online or at most DIY stores.

Apply liberally to your roof tiles, and then wash using a garden sprayer. Although some people choose to use a pressure washer, these can damage your roof tiles and their coating.

How to keep your roof tiles clean

If you want to be able to carry out the tedious task of cleaning your roof tiles less often, then the below top tips are just what you need.

  • Fix cracks and broken tiles straight away.

Roof tiles that are broken or have cracks are more likely to become dirty than ones that are in good condition. Dirt and debris can get into the cracks, and this can be more difficult to remove. You may also want to take this time to look at any other tiles in your garden, such as your patio tiles, to see if any of these are broken or require cleaning. If this is the case, visit for all your grout cleaning needs.

  • Install copper or zinc strips.

If you notice a large build-up of moss and algae on your roof tiles that seem to keep coming back no matter how often you clean, you might want to install either copper or zinc strips along your roof. These contain chemicals that are poisonous to plants and therefore prevent new moss and algae from growing.